PLAN WITH ME: February Bujo Set-Up // a glance at my yearly spreads

New year, blank slate.

Alas, that also means a new bullet journal! After my first year of bullet journalling and finding the system that works best for me, it’s now time to put that 365 days of “experience” into the next.

Today, I’ll be showing you my February set-up and of course, my yearly ones too. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration if you do bullet journalling as well 😉

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

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Farewell January // overall struggling, textiles competition + finally living up to my niche

How. Is. It. One. Month. ALREADY.

I feel like it’s yesterday that I went screaming (like always) about how I’m so not ready for 2019? Honestly, I’m still not sure why this happened, and I don’t think I ever will be able to. January was… a difficult month – definitely a rocky start to the year.

There’s several things I want to cover in this post, so I hope that this won’t be your typical long monthly wrap up posts you see here.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

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MINI REVIEWS: finally reading TATBILB, a DNF (??) + more // survey + upcoming Q&A question submissions

This may be the start of a memorable bookish year.

Of all the things that are going on in my life right now, I can confidently say that books are having a positive impact. Since I decided to settle in and stick with blogging about lifestyle, insight, and books, I’ve made it one of my main blog goals to post more bookish related content this year. What better way to start off my book blogging journey here than with some mini reviews?

Today, I’ll be sharing some honest thoughts about some recent books I have read. Also! If you have a goodreads account, you are definitely more than welcome to drop a link below and let’s share our love for YA literature together 🙂

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

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3 Reasons Why Self-Reflection is Crucial to Making the Most Out of Every Experience // life updates

They say new year is a time to set new goals and resolutions.

Me? I believe that setting goals is important, but it is as crucial as reflecting on our own past. Sometimes making resolutions and reflections can be stressful for you, and that’s okay – trust me, I understand completely. I’m always on the look for ways to be a productive potato all awhile maintaining my own personal wellness and not working itself overload.

Today, I’m going to share some reasons why I feel self – reflection is important, and how those may help make the process less stressful. I hope that you’ll find one or two points that may be of use to you! I know that I’m only sharing 3 points, but I feel like they are important ones that have inspired me, and hopefully they’ll do the same to you.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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7 Favourite Things Tag // happy new year!

Can’t believe I’m saying this but… it’s officially 2019.

And of course, with no doubt I am not okay?? At all?? I did NOT sign up for this, but here it is – a new year. School started today and I am SO not happy about it. Well, maybe expect for the fact that I’ll see my friends again and textiles.

Anyways!! Enough with that – let’s move on to something more positive 🙂 To kick off the first post of 2019, I decided that it would be rather fit to do a tag.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

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2018 In Review: What Did I Accomplish This Year? // Resolutions for 2019

Hello friends, and happy Sunday! I hope that you’re all doing well 🙂 As you can probably tell, we are reaching the end of my mini-series “2018 in Review”. In case you’re not aware, basically what “2018 in Review” is looking back this past year and, like the name, reviewing it. If you haven’t read the past 2 posts in this mini-series and are interested, you can find it here, and here.

Anyways, for today, I’ll be reviewing the goals I made in December 2017 for this year, as well as making resolutions for the upcoming 2019. I mean, I think it’s quite obvious now that one of my favourite things to do is making goals and, yes, planning 😂

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

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2018 In Review: Best & Worst Books of 2018 // recommendations + rants

Welcome to pt. 2 of my mini series “2018 In Review”!

Peoples, I have been waiting to do this post for SO LONG. 2018 shined light on the part of me that loves to read, and for that I’m so grateful. Even though I don’t always have time to read, it’s something I love dearly. Today, I’ll be wrapping up my whole year in all things bookish, and sharing some of the best, worst, mehs, and hopefully some recs for you too 🙂

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

Just as a quick reminder: some books that I may not have liked may not be the same for you, and I encourage you to read them if you want 🙂

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2018 In Review: Most Memorable + Least Memorable Moments of 2018 ft. lots of screaming, revelations + sentiments

Y’all, it’s December. Aka last month of the year.

I’m still (extremely) confused as to how time works, because it seems like it was just yesterday that I screamed about how 2017 was going to end*? Is it just me when I say that sometimes 1 hour feels like forever yet looking back at a month seems like 5 minutes? Oh, I don’t know what time is anymore.

Anyways, since it’s the last month of the year do we need to be reminded again lol, instead of doing a Farewell November and December post (month wrap-up), I’ll be splitting it all AND including notable moments of 2018 into several posts as a mini-series called 2018 In Review!

Now, may I invite all to witness Kimberly screaming (yet again) as she struggles to remember what happened over the last 365 days. It’s fun to watch, really.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

*oh how ironic

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7 Bookish Scenarios that Literally Kills Me on the Inside // ft. plenty of ranting + The Office

As we delve into our reading careers*, inevitably we’ll discover specific scenarios that repeatedly annoys us and make us spit out fire like dragons.

Whether it may be different tropes or representation, there are/will be things that just pushes us off the edge. You may not admit some of them like me smh, but trust me – it’s there.

Today, I’ll be sharing my top 7 bookish scenarios that literally does transform me into an angry dragon. And yes – I’ll even be sharing some that I haven’t shared to the outside world (I mean it’s like all of them because I actually don’t like talking a lot oops)

Hopefully it’ll be a relatable, fun-ish post, and we’ll all be potato shaped dragons together at the end of the post?

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

*if that’s even a job tho
**oh, and there’ll be tons of The Office GIFs, so y’all have been warned…

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The Art of Letting Go // teach me how to say goodbye

Hello friends 🙂 Happy, Thursday – we’re almost to the weekends, aren’t we? This past few weeks has been rough for multiple reasons, but I’d like to talk about one of them today: letting go and saying goodbye.

I usually don’t do this type of post, but this is something I’d really like to discuss and share with you. It probably will be a shorter post, but that’s okay, right?

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