Kiera Cass: love it or hate it

I already wrote a book review about The Crown by Kiera Cass on my other web, but I loved The Selection series sooooooooooo much that I just had to do more commenting. But more on the fun and non-serious and non-book reviewish side.


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That’s Audrey Hollister, the model for America. It’s kinda hard to find theses video clips online, so good thing I got this one. This ONE. The ONE. Get it?!

According Gavril Fadaye in The Crown, he said to Eadlyn, that Maxon and America had no idea what they were looking for, but everyone could see it well before them that they were the perfect match. Well, America went to The Selection accidentally, so I guess Maxon was more clueless than her.

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So then Maxon chooses America, and then the story goes on to their daughter’s Selection. And here comes Eadlyn Schreave:

Image result for the crown stacey farnet video

Yup, and she breaks all the rules in the end. We come from a long line of traitors…

My favorite character was actually Eadlyn, since her personality is strong and clear. It all began with The Heir, and ended with The Crown. Apparently there was some bonus content in different versions in the U.S, so I went online and read them from someone else’s posts. It made so much more sense afterwards.

If you haven’t read The Selection series, go get the first book right now. Kiera Cass will get you hooked!

~ Kim




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