Are Your Friends True to You?!

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Take this fun personality quiz to reflect on you and your besties!

NOTE: this is only for recreational purposes; please do not take it seriously 😀

#1 Does he/she talk to you

a) sometimes

b) all the time!


d) once in a blue moon

#2 How honest are you guys to each other?

a) basically, but skip over the details

b) duh!!!

c) why would we do that? My secrets are mine!

d) very very rarely

#3 Do you guys hang out?

a) once every two weeks

b) we call each other every night

c) never

d) once a month or two

#4 Are they rude to you?

a) occasionally

b) of course not

c) it’s the first thing that I hear when they talk to me

d) once a while


If your answers are mostly a)s… you must be getting along pretty well with your friends! They seem like a nice bunch.

If your answers are mostly b)s… you and your friends are like soul best friends (if that’s even a thing!). You do everything together, anytime, anywhere.

If your answers are mostly c)s… seems like we’ve crossed a very rocky terrain! Don’t worry, keep on searching for new friends! Once you open up, you’ll get what I mean.

If your answers are mostly d)s… I assume it’s going ok?! Bumps on the road are normal! Try to find that balance with your friendship, and hopefully things will turn out better!

If your answers are random… you and your buddies are unpredictable! That is definitely  NOT a bad thing. We never know what’s going to happen next, right? Dat’s ok, just live your life your way!

~ Kim



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