What is Your School Style?

Here is another personality quiz for you to try out! How dressy are you when it’s the first day of school? Take this quiz to find out!

NOTE: this is just for recreational purposes; please don’t take this seriously 😀

#1 It’s the first day of school: do you want to make a impression?

a) yes

b) no

#2 Which kind of direction of style do you prefer to wear at school?

a) MK dress, flats, and a white lace shawl

b) Old Navy long tee, jeans, and runners

#3 Do you think your clothes represent who you are?

a) duh!

b) no

#4 You’re shopping with your friends, and they say that you would look great in this limited time only summer dress from Aritzia. You look at the price tag, and think: gosh, it’s $100… but I really like  it! You look in your purse and counted that you have a total amount of $150. Would you buy it?

a) Why not? if I like it, I buy it, and its not like I will be owing any money to my parents!

b) No, it’s way too expensive! It’s ok, I’ll find something!


If your answers are mostly a)s… you are a fashion statement! You aren’t afraid of expressing yourself though your clothes, and you stand out!

If your answers are mostly b)s… you like to keep things simple! Maybe not through your clothes, but you definitely have your own way making you YOU! You go girl!

If your answers are mixed… you are on and off! Sometimes you like to switch things up a bit, and that’s cool!


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