Have You Ever Lost Your Way?

I have. Everyone has. Not just like get lost in a mall or something. It’s more like what choice you should make: This or this? I enjoy thinking about this topic, so since this is totally out of the blue, I’ll just…

Ok. Some people, especially in their teen years, want to seek independence. They want to ‘grow-up’. Kinda I guess. They may feel like: I can totally do this, but then have a second thought: really you sure?

From my mixed up noodles (aka my brain), I find that you really have to be clear of where you are standing. Not like “I am standing beside the water fountain”. Like who you are and how you should be handling things the way your-aged folks do. If it is kinda difficult, which is totally normal, find someone who you trust wholeheartedly (for example your aunt).

If you are having a not-so-super-terrific-day, then think of what makes you happy.

This is getting to be extremely… can’t find the right word… I guess serious?! So, I’ll stop right there, and give both of our noodles a break. Don’t worry folks, lots of fun content is coming right up the alley. I wish you all a positive day!

– Kim ❤




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