#snowinmarch: is this El Niño or El Niña?

Yes you heard me: IT IS SNOWING IN MARCH!

This has never ever happened in my city. Usually we don’t even get snow. But this year, Niño and Niña wagged their fingers at us. Nuh uh! Ya getting snow, girl! XD

So guys, this post is all about COMPLAINING!!! I am soooo tired of snow.


1st time snowing this winter: omg!!! Squeal!!! Do you wanna build a snowman…

2nd time snowing this winter: omg yea!

3rd tine snowing this winter: so much snow!

4th time snowing this winter: ok….

5th time snowing this winter: ……………..

6th time snowing this winter: why

7th time snowing this winter: stop

8th time snowing this winter: I hate snow

So yeah guys, here you go, Kimberly complaining! I hope you guys have a nice day, and yeah! Wish for spring…


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