Minecraft introduced it’s pocket edition a few mere years ago, and Microsoft’s (once Mojang’s)sales has boomed tremendously. Microsoft has definetly allowed us MCPE players more additions that were once only available in Mac PC edition.

Through that, many apps have sprung up on App Store, featuring servers to mods to install. Kinda disappointingly though, most of them require payment. I have conducted a thorough search, and have came up with a list of FREE MCPE apps to install.

Let’s get this started!

#1. MineServer For Minecraft Free by ¡ToyToy.com

Image result for MineServer For Minecraft Free

It provides sooooooooooooooo many server addresses, and most of them work just fine! Lifeboat Bedwars is definitely the one I would suggest the most. Such an amazing multiplayer server. Check it out!

#2 Best Girl Skins for Minecraft PE Free – 2016 Edition by Arlie Hanes

Image result for Best Girl Skins for Minecraft PE Free - 2016 Edition

OMG, I just love it soooooooooooooooo much. It comes in many categories, from Top Girl Skin to Youtuber Girl Skins and so much more. All of them are free, and it is compatible with MCPE. If you just ❤ cute skins and dragon girls, this your soul app. (soul mate but app… dunno if that makes any sense XD)

#3 Best Boy Skins for Minecraft PE Free by Arlie Hanes

Image result for Best Boy Skins for Minecraft PE Free

This is another great one! Basically same to #2, it works the same. Not all of the skins are free though, but it still is legit. If you crave cool skins to show off to your next PvP match with your buddies, this is the app for you.

Here you go, my fellow Minecrafters. Hope you will enjoy these lit apps as much as I do. Comment below and tell me if you thought that this article was helpful (hope it did), and catch y’all later!

~ Kim









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