How to make Panacotta ^-^

Hey all, today I’ve come back with yet another fantastical recipe video for you! Please either click on the link below or copy’n paste it on your search bar.


– half & half (1L) I used Dairyland

– sugar (50g)

– gelatin (2 packs) I used Knox Original


  1. Mix gelatin and liquid (I put a tad bit of the half & half), stir, let it set
  2. In pot, mix sugar and rest of half and half, stir, make sure all sugar melts DO NOT BOIL!!!
  3. Add gelatin mix into pot, stir, do not boil!
  4. Pour mix into containers, let it cool, and then put into refrigerator
  5. Wait about 1-2 days to let it set
  6. Enjoy!

If you want to add some more sweetness to your life…

  1. Add fresh cut strawberries
  2. Add  1 Trader Joes’s peanut butter cup
  3. Enjoy!

Thks to you all, and have a sweet day!

~ Kim


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