13 Reasons Why: I don’t like it

This has gotten worldwide attention, undoubtedly. 13 Reasons Why is a controversial fictional teen drama that revolves around suicide, depression, and sexual assault, originally written by Jay Asher. Co-executive producer Selena Gomez and Netflix decided to make these 13 episodes ‘hard to watch’ so viewers can ‘feel’ how it is for people who have experienced them in real-life. Though yes, trying to raise awareness for mental health and illness is very important, but to many, it seems to have gotten the opposite attention they wanted. Remember: suicide is a permanent way to end a non-permanent situation.

I haven’t watched, or read it yet, but I am really scared of it. Really scared. I have only watched the trailer on ET Canada after the news, but it has given me nightmares for 3 days straight about people dying (but thankfully not by suicide). Here are a few reasons why I don’t like this Netflix original, and why I don’t suggest you watch it.

Rated TV-MA

It shouldn’t even be on Netflix or TV anyways.Very controversial, and kids, teens… are watching it. No, I’m not blaming the kids and teens at all. 13 Reasons Why portrays the wrong side of this dark yet important topic. In the story, Hannah blamed 13 other people for her suicide but yet, in reality usually, the tragedy happens by personal reasons.

Explicit Scenes

Yes, I know that it’s rated TV-MA, but no one should see a suicide scene, even if it’s acted out, and the storyline if made up. I have also heard that there are also more explicit scenes, including where there is rape including a teen. No one should witness in real life or on TV, any of these saddening topics, again, even if it was acted out and the story was fictional.

“Not Your Regular High School”

Yes, there are popular cliches out there in school, but as far as I’m concerned, I can say at least in North America, 95% of high schools aren’t like this. Totally “not your regular high school”.


Mental health and illness education are very important, for everyone to understand and learn about. It’s just like learning every other subject in school. There are much more people, of all ages, who are dealing with mental illness, and for the ones who are dealing with their own struggles: there is nothing to be ashamed ofYou are you, and no one can ever replace that. There will be no one that will ever be 100% you again. You are precious, special, just the way you are. There will be bumps in everyone’s road, but you’ll cross it. And one way is to accept helpNo, it isn’t surrendering, in fact, you’re a winner for doing that. I can say that most of the time, it will help, and when you look back to the day you made that decision, you’ll probably think “wow, I just literally saved myself”.

No matter what your struggles are (mentally or physically), remember: there is a way to get over it. Acknowledging it and accepting help is one of the best ways.

Love yourself a bit more each day. If you can’t just yet, then try to remember that no one can replace you. Ever.

~ Kimberly





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