Motivation Monday: 13 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

If you have heard of the controversial show 13 Reasons Why, you’d probably know that it’s very dark. But, don’t you know how important you are? You are so much more than just a person. You should love yourself, and here are 13 reasons why to get you started.

  1. you’re unique
  2. no one has the same smile as you
  3. makes you beautiful, inside and out
  4. makes you want to take care of yourself which is important!
  5. helps you appreciate yourself
  6. increases your self-esteem
  7. gives you a 24/7 BFF
  8. makes you think clearer
  9. makes you look and feel young
  10. you can’t love truly someone before you love yourself
  11. will make you stronger
  12. will make you enjoy life more
  13. you are worth it and deserve it more than you think

~ Kim ❤



2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: 13 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

  1. No matter how hard we try to say something useful, be educational, or just try to give imaginary tough love to keep them from experiencing it for real, everyone has their own feelings about what they take in. I understand how you feel about this and I agree.

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