Bouldering: my new love…

Yes! I’ve fell in love with bouldering. You probably have no idea what bouldering is. But that’s totally fine. I had no clue that it even existed, like 2 weeks ago.

I have done rock climbing in the past, and that is one sport that I’m actually good at and enjoy. Lots of girls are really flexible and can do gymnastics and dance, but that’s not me. My friends make it seem so easy!!!

Anyways, I was finding a sport to do and stick with, because I know that:

  1. it’s good for you
  2. gets my blood moving
  3. less concerned with “body image confidence”

P.S: check this out if you too, don’t have a lot of confidence on body image and self esteem.

So, I tried to play basketball with my sibling, and it didn’t work out very well. Of course, I also enjoy running, but there seems to lack a bit of adrenaline that I’m looking for.

I found The Hive, and it was amazing. I went there for the first time last Sunday, and I had a blast. Except for a rip on one of my toes. 😦 It’s like rock climbing, but it requires more thinking at strategy, as well as a lot of work on the arms and hands. GIRL POWER!!!

I got the membership (1 year), so I went on Saturday and Sunday, which made me get 3 more rips on the hands. Not fun!!! But it really is worth the aches and pain in the hand.

Sorry this is a relatively short post, but I hope that this will make you want to try it out as well. I had a ton of fun, and I sure hope you will too.

Comment down below or like this if you have tried bouldering before!!!

~ Kim



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