What does it mean for the future of British Columbia?

The results are almost all in, and so far, the BC Liberals Christy Clark is re-elected for her 7th year as premier. Though, if the result remains the same, we have formed a minority government, the first in 16 years straight. The magic number is 44; a majority government forms with a party with 44 and up seats in the parliament. Here are the results so far, as followed:

BC Liberals: 43

NDP: 41

Green Party: 3

(Note: this following article is written accordingly to the writer’s opinion)

This has been one of the tightest races in the recent voting history of British Columbia. The BC Liberals have been in power for a very long time, and indeed many have changed over the past few years. As you have read the attempted disclaimer up there… XD I will try my best to not put this by bias, and tell you what I see for the next few years if the results stay the same.

Here are some of the promises the BC Liberals made during the provincial election campaign:

  1. to control the carbon tax on U.S.’s thermal coal, that’s shipped through B.C.’s ports
  2. to set aside future budgets from legalization of marijuana to pay for programs to help those who are addicted to opioids and other drugs
  3. leading BC to a softwood agreement with American producers
  4. work with the federal government on new plan to expand the number of childcare spaces in British Columbia
  5. reduce MSP premiums for middle-class residents by 50% in January (assuming 2018), as the first step towards eliminating MSP completely
  6. investing $217 million for up to 5,200 new student seats in the Surrey school districts
  7. invest $225 million over three years to reduce surgical wait times for elective surgeries
  8. dedicate $165 million to youth mental health needs and substance abuse issues

Personally, I have always been opposed to the Liberals. Just a mere few years ago, there was a teachers’ strike, which lead to school opening about 1 month later than usual after summer. What makes many wonder, is that the Liberals are rich. They’ve got corporate and union donations, which increases their money by a lot.

Though, three promises they made caught my eye. Please refer to #6-8. Why?

  • Education is a crucial part and considering that student rates are increasing, especially in Surrey, this has been a problem. There are overspills, so investing up to 5200 student seats will definitely help for a while.
  • Hospital ER wait times are definitely a concern for BC right now. Some have even passed while waiting for a doctor there. I’m not sure how much this will help, but any is good for now.
  • Mental health and substance abuse issues funding will help many youths in BC get their life back.

What do you think of the results? And what do you think of British Columbia’s future? All we can say for now is that we can only hope that a minority government is a benefit to everyone.

~ Kim


BC election 2017: A look at promises made by BC Liberals, BC NDP and BC Green parties

Christy Clark to continue governing B.C. until final election results are known



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