2nd One Down!

If you read my last sewing post, you’d know what my last two projects were. It went okay, but now considering that I got a sewing machine (= !!!!!!!!!), it’s been so much better.

What am I going to call this one… Flower Fandom?



Original Maxi Dress


Newly Revised “Flower Fandom” Dress

Special thanks to “prettycraftygirl” for the inspiration! She has a awesome channel and I suggest you all to check it out.

So again, 2nd one down. Doing happy dance right now:


Image result for snoopy happy dance gif
Play Celebration (by Kool and the Gang) in the background…



What do you think? It’s pretty warm for where I live, so this is a nice wardrobe addition. Speaking of warm weather (after a very rainy April), would you rather have snow or sunshine? Comment below, because I find myself once again ending a post ackwardly.

~ Kim


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