Review: Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

You’ve probably had one day in your early days of school and wished to have a bag of gummies at lunch. Then, a few years later in your tweens, they’re long gone from memory. But haven’t you noticed that years later you fall in love with these again?

Certified Organic. That was the main reason why I bought it. I got it at a Costco in the US a few months ago, and I just finished the box. So I decided to write a review for it. Here goes nothing…

Image result for annie's organic fruit snacks


  • Organic! – most gummies nowaday contain a lot of who-knows-what-on-the-periodic-table things, so being certified organic assures our stomachs.
  • Variety pack – more flavors = more options!
  • Cute rabbit shape – yes I’m not in preschool and learning about animals by food right now


  • Not that I can think of so good for you!

So I would give this a 4.5/5 (since nothing is perfect), and would highly recommend for anyone who enjoys a somewhat healthy gummy snack. BTW, if you read the Ingredients list out loud, that would make your day. Also, as a bonus, Annie’s Organic Pasta are good too.

Have a good time munching…

~ Kimberly







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