Colour Combinations for your Spring Wardrobe

Alas, spring has finally arrived. After a long and cold winter and downpour April, right now sitting in front of the computer with bright skies and warm air right out my window proves that point. Spring is usually the peak of the fashion industry, with summer right around the corner, many are seeking stylish and fun outfits. Here are some combinations I find legit for a female spring wardrobe.

P.S: Dear (your name), you look fab just the way you are. You, with no make up and brand names = naturally beautiful. If people judge you, then that can be their problem. Don’t let others discourage who you are! It’s the inside that really matters.

Image result for colour combinations for spring wardrobe

People should express themselves through what they like to wear, not what others like to wear. According to fashionistas, everyone has “their color(s)”. which I interpret as what color you feel good on the best. Mine, for example, is blue.

For the casual look, khakis and off-the-shoulder top would look nice together.

Image result for khaki off shoulder top

Cute spring/summer dresses are also a popular wardrobe staple for many out there.

Image result for spring dress extra large

Denim shorts accompanied with a cute top would be a fresh and stylish look for anyone!

Image result for denim short outfits

B-ball shorts: not only for boys

Image result for basketball shorts girl outfits

Athletic wear: release your inner strength!

Image result for athletic top and shorts

That’s it. Here are my thoughts and blurbs about the summer wardrobe, even though I won’t wear most of the outfits up there XD. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and found this useful to choosing your outfits for spring/summer.

~ Kim





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