Food for the Soul

What exactly is the food for one’s soul? If we say what food feeds your hunger (physically), hmm… wonton soup would do for me. Anyways:


No matter what makes us feel that way, we can sure say it does feel good. Like if you passed an exam you thought you flunked, to simply helping out others. It makes one feel accomplished and worth. For some, it also includes motivation. That’s when things go two ways.

Having the feeling of satisfaction leads down to two paths: jealousy and motivation.

If one feels satisfied with whatever it is, and not acknowledging what was the reason behind it, they won’t appreciate that. Then, instead of having the motivation to continue on, they’ll probably fall into jealousy, and wanting to have the satisfaction of others.

If one feels motivated, they probably had known what had made them feel that way, and appreciate it. That will then make them want to pursue more without using jealousy as a factor.

Though we cannot say jealousy is all bad and motivation is all good. What if the motivation was to pursue a bad cause? Then comes a string of what ifs.

Every day is like a new adventure. Choose your path, and stop at your checkpoint at the end of the day.

~ Kim





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