Nothing to be ashamed of

I can’t do it

why can she


“what did you get?”

“just say it no big deal”

she gets A

is my B good enough?


she always looks better

why can’t I look that way too?

grow my hair out

’till it reaches half my back

do I like it?

those girls have it



they look so happy


is that whay I want for myself


just because I get straight A(s)

does that make me happy?

just because my hair is long

and I’m skinny

does that mean that I love myself?

just because I’m popular

does that mean that I am someone

who people look up to

as their role model,

because of who they are inside

and not outside?

everyone is different

you may want to be that girl

but maybe that girl wants to be you

difference is what shapes us

makes us unique

what would we be if we’re

all the same?

~ Kimberly




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