Summer issues: the rant

Finally, it’s almost here ^-^. The last one was terrible, so I hope that I can catch up with summer fun this year.

For summer vacation, I’ll be going to somewhere really hot, so obviously, there are the awesome parts, and there are also down parts… like:

Long hair.

Very very annoying, even though I love my hair. It’s just that it’s really hot, and when you sleep, all my hair clumps at my neck. Even with all the AC there, I sure hope that I don’t have to cut it before I leave!


Ugh. They are so annoying! One time, I remember that I went to my family garden there two summers ago, and when I went back home that night, I had at least 20+ bites! Horrible creatures who decide to feast on our blood…


So very hot. Every morning, I’d wake up to about 25℃. Midday would be like 34℃+. I know right?!

Rant finished. But anyhow, it’s totally worth it! I go there almost every summer (for the past decade or so) and hang out with family.

Do you want to know where it is?! Be sure to check out future posts to find out!

Have a great weekend, everyone…

~ Kimberly




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