Skywars: Tips for success

I have to admit that I am not the best at PvP, parkour and such. But one thing I have gathered from my experience playing MCPE Skywars is strategizing. If you enjoy Minecraft on Youtube, check out UnspeakableGaming and MooseCraft.

Image result for unspeakablegaming skywars

Anyhow, here are my top 5 tips for you.

Image result for skywars lifeboat maps

  1. Strategize! It is always helpful to look at what chests to open first, and know where the Mid Island is. Knowing where the other players are is also helpful to plan out your attacks.
  2. Get Kits! This applies to the server I play on (Lifeboat). For more information regarding kits, go here.
  3. Take all your blocks! Extremely crucial for transportation.
  4. Find a teammate! If you are playing a map that has teams, then you already have one (hopefully). If you are playing a solo map, you can ask if anyone would like to team with you on chat. DISCLAIMER: Sometimes people will say yes to teaming up with you then kill you when you get together. Beware!
  5. Don’t hack! No one like a hacker. Enjoy the game, play the game by its rules, so you and everyone else can have fun.

Check out my other posts about Minecraft if you too love it!

~ Kimberly


EXTREME MINECRAFT CAMO SKIN TROLLING! UnspeakableGaming–Lifeboat-SkyWars–node–type–SW–ip–unknown–players–48–maxplayers-50-tps-2







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