I disagree with the “perfect summer body”

Many teens and people like to you know, tone up for summer to show the “perfect summer body”. Getting a tan and having clear skin as such. But don’t you realize that no matter what you do, you will never feel “right”? There is an image everyone strives to be, no matter what time of the year. Of course, we want to look good, but you should also know that there is no “perfect body”, and that each is unique and special.

Some people my age put on make-up and are extroverts. I used to think that only girls with long hair, is popular, and wears make-up are the best. But now I know that isn’t necessarily true. I don’t like make-up and is an introvert. I also don’t like revealing clothing and bikinis. (One-piece is my style) My skin is really flaky, with lots of eczema patches.


If others want to judge you, then that can be their problem. No one knows you better than you, so try and feel comfortable with yourself. Learn to find out what true beauty is. Your body is one-of-a-kind.

~ Kimberly







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