For the ones that matter…


If you are a long-time blogger, you may think that my newest accomplishment/breakthrough on Free Perspectives is worthy of giving this post a dislike (even though there isn’t). Go ahead, but…

I just got 200+ likes on my blog!!!

This is like unreal and oh my goodness. Thank you all so much!

I started out with no views and likes for about a month or so, and I almost gave up there. But I am soooooooooo glad I didn’t!

This half year, I found out that my writing has improved, discovered more ways to express myself without public speaking, and so much more. I never knew that my writing and posts were worth reading, but you have given me the motivation to keep writing. Most of all, thank you for boosting my self-esteem.

You probably have no idea, but you have helped me in more ways that you know. With each like, view, comment, follow, my self-esteem increases. Through this I have also loved myself more, so thank you.

I really do hope that I can inspire people, and help them love themselves more each day.

Because that is what you all have given me.


Special thanks to:

Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash




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