Life as an Introverted Blogger

Public speaking has always been a hurdle that I was never able to jump over without tripping. If you don’t know me, you make think that I seem like a blank canvas. But in reality, deep down I am an artist; full of colour, ideas, and hope.

I want to move on, but I don’t want to let go of who I am. I want to express myself. Share inspiration and spread my hope and love. I have big dreams for my future. But at the end of the day: public speaking.

So how do I do that without doing it (if that makes sense)?

Blog. Doodle. Do bouldering. Play my violin and piano. Draw.

Free Perspectives is like my mouth. I know that I will forever be an introvert, but maybe that’s okay too. Everyone has different ways to express themselves. It doesn’t restrict on talking.

At least the perspectives of many introvert bloggers out there like me, it doesn’t.




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