How to Survive a Panic/Anxiety Attack

They are one of the worst feelings. At that moment, you are just so overwhelmed with life, stress, and oh just about everything. But here’s a fact: you will not die from a panic attack, even though at that moment you feel like you will.

It is so tough to deal with. It’s like you are the meat and life is the bread of a sandwich: you are being squished by life and it feels like you just can’t escape. But to lighten things up, the sauce drips down on the sides so there is a way to get out of the situation.

Here are my tips and steps to survive a panic attack.

  1. Remove yourself from the environment that you are currently in
  2. Go to a quiet spot that you feel safe in
  3. Take a deep breath | remember to breath deeply and count your breaths (it will eventually calm you down)
  4. When the peak of the attack is over, go to a trusted adult or person
  5. If there is a counsellor (most schools have one or two), go and talk to them
  6. Relax. Take your time, and have some down-time

If people don’t believe a panic attack is a real thing, and don’t respect you, don’t give a shit about their rudeness. A true friend or family will help you out and love you from head to toe. Including your mental health.

I hope that this will help you. Really I do. Just remember: there is nothing to be ashamed of by getting help.

I love and admire every single one of you who are able to stand back up again. It is hard, but you will get through it.

Just like everything else.

With lots of love,

Disclaimer: I am not a counsellor or psychiatrist or psychologist. Seek professional mental health experts if you are in need of support.

Special thanks to: on Unsplash





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