Room Hacks | Tips to Get it back to Glam!

Is your room a mess? Do you want to reorganize it? If yes, continue reading. If no, then… ok.

It’s kind of weird to think that your day starts and end in your room. So keeping it organized will sure keep you feeling efficient and de-stressed. Overflowing drawers, closet invaded with dust, floor piled with who-knows-what, desk crammed with papers… will make you stressed and unable to feel grounded. Whether your goal is to just make it organized or to even beautify it, this is the article for you. Here are 15 Room Hacks to get it back to glam.


  1. Clean your closet – say bye bye to those pesky dust bunnies!
  2. Choose an organization plan that suits you best for your closet
  3. Colour code – easier to find your clothes and is similar to Tumblr! (if you’re into that stuff of course)


  1. Fold your sweaters – hanging them may change their shape and it prevents it from drooping
  2. Do not stuff them – your clothes will thank you for them!

Overall Room

  1. Store things under your bed – take advantage of the useful but usually unacknowledged space underneath
  2. Use wall space – hang up bookshelves: they save you space on the floor and look soooooooooo minimalist!
  3.  Throw out the things you don’t need – farewell to the things that hog up the precious space you have and use it for the stuff that actually matter! (this is a serious issue for me XD)
  4. Use desk organizers – store stationary, notepads, clips there, so they don’t clutter your work space
  5. Start to get used to a organized space – don’t leave everything to one clean-up; a little bit everyday is better than a mountain to remove in one day

So that is all I have for you today! I know that for the past few days, my posts have been quite different from the usual. But before taking care of others, everyone has to take care of themselves first. So starting from today, I’ll incorporate more fun posts! Relaxed posts! Lifestyle posts! Maybe they are an different type of inspiration too.

If this article saved your room, be sure to let me know down in the comments section! I would loooooove to know if it did, because my room needs a little reorganizing to do… XD

Have a relaxed day, my dear readers…


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