5 Fun thing to do with Your Friends

Today is the first of August, meaning that we are halfway of summer, but that doesn’t mean that it’s back to school-mode. Want to get together with your girlfriends and catch up on life? Here are 5 fun things to do with your friends.

1. Do a video chat! Phone calls are nice, but it makes it even more real when you are doing a video chat. I like to catch up on school news (mostly gossip XD) since not all of us are at the same one.

2. Volunteer together Things are more fun usually with friends, and it’s also for a good cause. Win-win!

3. Go window-shopping It costs you nothing (if you can resist, that is)! Go look at that cute tee you guys always wanted.

4. DIYs They are one of the best things ever to do with your gals. Go look up YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and IG for inspiration!!!

P.S: I highly suggest LaurDIY, AmandRachLee, Makoccino!

5. Go do a sport! I highly suggest bouldering (I guess because I love it) but seriously, it is fun for every skill level.





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