Want to be Efficient? Start Your School Year Like This

School is coming up and life is stressing us out and its so difficult to live with right now. Maybe lets help that poor brain of ours and start to turn our gears back to ex-summer mode. Here are some tips to help you get ready for school.

1. Sleep and wake earlier. I mean like don’t sleep at 7pm everyday. Just don’t stay up to 12am. Adjusting slowly to school sleeping schedule can help you feel settled and more ready for back to school 2017.

Untitled design.png
that is literally me, but much cuter

2. Pack your bag the night before. Morning rushes won’t get you anywhere, except for feeling frazzled. Get your bag ready, and check your planner before going to sleep. You will thank yourself the next morning.




3. Have a schedule.  I recently started a bullet journal to help cope with back to school anxiety. Take note of everything you have to do and you will feel confident and all while a Tumblr girl.


Untitled design (3).png


4. Keep your room organized. You start and end your day in your bedroom and it should feel like your safe haven after a long tiring day. Want some room organizing tips? Visit here.


Hopefully this has taken some stress off your shoulders. Let me know if it did down in the comments section down below!

xoxos for no reason,


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