When life gives you back to school stress… you rant

So. School is going to start in a few weeks and life isn’t getting any better right now. Stress, stress, anxiety, stress, stress…

You see the pattern.

So on my first ever rant here on FP, I will just pour everything on here:

What I worry about:

  1. grades ( I want to get all A and B)
  2. tests, quizzes like always
  3. HOMEWORK; getting everything done on times close to perfection (am I asking too much from myself? i guess so)

So you see… I am a perfectionist assigned at birth. Which leads to being stressed constantly. Whereas I bully myself to the point of over stressing, which isn’t a good thing.

I know that ranting on my blog is basically next to uselessness, but here you go. Back to school is driving my poor brain crazy in all the bad ways possible.

Do you stress about back to school, and grades and everything that comes with it? If you are, you are sure not alone out there, my dear XD

Special thanks to:

Ethan Hoover on Unsplash


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