February 26, 2017. I was welcomed with open arms from the blogging community when I decided to start something that would unexpectedly change my life.

I did not expect a lot of views and likes at all when I first started out my blog about my life/insight. I desperately wanted followers. My first month blogging had 12 views. I wanted to quit.

But thank goodness I hadn’t made that into reality because I just got 50 followers. Mind blown!!!

 whoa jon stewart boom daily show emotions GIF
mind blown as in the best way possible


A big shout-out to my first few followers; their blogs are amazing! Go and check them out!

Chess PRO
Cristian Mihai


Special thanks to them again!!!

So how did blogging change my life?

As a introvert, I’m sure many others can understand when I say I constantly want to find ways to express myself other than verbal use. Blogging has given me another voice to say my thoughts and views about the world around us.

Dealing with self confidence/ self-esteem has always been an issue too, which I know many out there can relate too. So when I check my notifications and email and see a like on my latest post, a new follower, or simply another view, I feel like someone out there actually enjoys reading my writing.

Which is phenomenal when you come to think of it. My writing is at least decent. ( I guess it isn’t as bad as I think it is!)

With my blog, I hope to inspire others to find light in darkness. They have helped me, myself, and I wish that it will help someone else get through their own struggles.

I am so excited to see where Free Perspectives will take us, and I hope that you join me on this once in a lifetime adventure!

So with lots of love, thanks, and words too much to fit on this post,

Thank You.

Special thanks to:

Ivan Jevtic on Unsplash


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