Over the Pacific | Summer Photography Collection

I know that this is particularly late in the game, as it’s almost mid-October already…

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but anyways. Photography isn’t my forte, and it isn’t something I pour myself into, but snapping a few pics from the iPhone counts, right? These will be some shots taken on the plane when I was travelling during my summer break, and surprisingly, the window doesn’t seem to show up?! If you have noticed, recently I’m in with Winnie the Pooh gifs, so forgive me.

Note: please no not remove the watermark; thanks

freeperspectives.wordpress.com (2).png

freeperspectives.wordpress.com (3).png

freeperspectives.wordpress.com (4).png

freeperspectives.wordpress.com (5).png

lets convey ur perspectives

Do you like photography, and are you like me; relying on your phone? #TwinIt

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yours truly kimberly.png





7 thoughts on “Over the Pacific | Summer Photography Collection

  1. Your photography is gorgeous! Of course it counts with being taken with your phone! 😉 My last few photography posts have been on a phone… *looks around nervously* Oh and I am loving the Winnie the Pooh gifs, lol

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