Way Up North | Winter Photography Collection

I’ve been trying to up my game in photography, but so far, I have failed miserably.

Remember back in the good old days (a few months ago) I did a summer photography collection post? After reading some of the comments, and re-looking (that is NOT a word) the photos I took, I realized that iPhone 4 doesn’t suck as much as I had thought!

Image result for huh gif
water you talking about

Get that pun *cringe*? I am really disappointed right now.  I am confused as in why the photos on the phone have higher definition that it appears on my laptop?! The ones on this post are the only ones that showed up decent. But why?! Should I be mad a iPhone 4 or my Acer Laptop? Or should I just be mad a both?


Let’s dive right in 🙂

Note: Please do not take credit or steal my precious photos because they are my children. No photo-napping pls XD and sorry for the unexpected 1 week haitus 😦

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Let's Convey our Perspectives shall we

How was your winter break? Did it snow? What are your favourite things/scenes to photograph? Do you also use your phone/tablet as the main camera? Comment away! 🙂

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Let's convey our perspectives, shall we?

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