The Wind Rises

Some may say it is a mirage;

the tangerine glow of the sun

the tranquil; serenity of the warm embrace

melting away the radiating sorrow from the rippling water

like the sky is surrendering to all Her faults


evergreens line the edge, dancing to the breeze

some – bare and begging – branches; hands

reaching out to the sky

the leaves – they have all left, flailing, falling

yet the trees still stand tall, saying that “I’m everly yours”


a new hope, thus what the dear dawn brings

what She, Mother Nature, dares not to tell

Her children, the free flying geese of the sky

paddles along the water surface

oblivious that the deep lake

are Mother’s tears, yet they carry on


suddenly the wind delivers the message

sending the water rippling

the trees waving

slightly brushing the feathers of the geese

it’s as if She’s saying:

I’m letting go”


The poetic me is back 😅

kimberly (7)

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