Faux Calligraphy | Tips & Tricks

Admit it: we all have scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest and complain silently that “I’ll never be able to do calligraphy?”

Or even YouTube! Sometimes I would be watching some vids for bullet journal inspiration, and suddenly transport myself into calligraphy aesthetics envy. I have always wanted to be able to do actual calligraphy with an actual brush pen, but hey – we’re on a tight budget here…

Today I’ll be showing you how to do some faux calligraphy that you can learn right now! Today! I’ve been wanting to do this post for awhile now, so I definitely can’t wait to see your reactions! Grab your gel pen, paper, and be prepared to show off to the world in less than 1 hour. Or more.

Let’s dive right in 🙂

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Ingredients (yes this is cooking class)

  • gel pen (I suggest 0.5)
  • crayola marker
  • paper

And do NOT forget a whole lot of patience.

Part 1

We’re going to do two types of faux calligraphy today. Let’s start off with the gel pen, because who doesn’t love ink?

Let’s just start with a simple word. Hmm… let’s just “hi”.

1. Write “hi” in cursive

2. Outline the LEFT side of the down strokes

3. Fill the spaces in

So basically in a nutshell:

Part 2

This time we’ll be using the Crayola marker. It seems bleh, but trust me – you will NOT believe that a kindergarten’s craft marker can turn into aesthetics.

Today I’ll be using the gray one, because, what can go wrong with grey?!

So of course, we can do it like the gel pen way back in Part 1:


If you’re more into the seriously serious faux calligraphy, here’s how (that did not make sense XD)

1. Slant the marker down

hi part 2 slant

2. Begin your cursive. Press harder down on your down strokes. Keep the marker slanted! 

hi part 2 slant 3

3. Show off the the world. 

hi part 2 slant 2

Remember: don’t be frustrated if you don’t get it the first time. Or the tenth time. I got mine’s after 3 months XD Take your time!

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Let's Convey our Perspectives shall we

Can you relate to the aesthetics envy? Are you in love with Crayola markers again? Did these helpful tips help at all? And because I care: how are you? ❤

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Let's convey our perspectives, shall we?

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