Plan With Me // February 2018 Bujo Setup

And I thought that time wasn’t fast enough.

I feel like on every Plan With Me post, I always rant about why the month went by so fast. Do I care? NO. I don’t. Not at all hon.


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me right now

If you are an avid bullet journal-er, you’d understand when I say that we start panicking near on the 25th of  each month when we realize that we forgot to start out set-up for the next month! So I’m here now, because it’s the 31st, aka the last day of January, freaking out and trying to get this post. I’ve been procrastinating too much lately on blogging, and it has to change in February or else… I’ll get mad at myself later and regret!!

Before I start ranting again, let’s dive right in *hup*

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Title Page

I decided to go with the norm: pink *cough* hearts. Usually I’m not into the pink and cutesy style, but I mean, it’s February, which of course, is the month of free Hershey’s Kisses. Cheers to that, kids. Faux calligraphy proves to be such a benefit… I’m so glad I spent my 2017 summer trying to get it to look decent XD

I did a little quote on the side, because who doesn’t love calligraphy quotes?? If you don’t, then I DON’T KNOW YOU ANYMORE



Since I am a complete potato, I stuck with the old format I did for January. It really worked out for me, because there was a lot of space to jot down my appointments, events.. etc.

On the side, I also included the blog stats tracker. It’s the same as last month’s, but this time I added ‘visitors’ count.

february bujo 4.jpg

In case if you’re wondering, the boxes are 6 by 6.



Same old, same old. I still have the same goals for this month, and I’d like to see more improvement in the “drinking 1+ cup of water” section 😅 From last month’s experience, I found the “Post Ideas” page was really useful, even though I didn’t get most of them up into actual posts. Ideas are still ideas, I mean… I can always use them for later??


Daily Log

This is probably the most important part for me. My bullet journal basically serves as an agenda, so I need lots of space to record homework, test dates, marks… etc. On the right bottom corner, I have the “Next Week” box, where I record all the events in the upcoming week.

february bujo 7.jpg


separator blog thingLet's Convey our Perspectives shall we

How was your month of January? Do you have a bullet journal? What are you favourite spreads? Are you excited for the free chocolate? (yes) Comment away 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Plan With Me // February 2018 Bujo Setup

  1. Great job with your lettering. It looks like it’s been professionally printed!💖 —

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