New Updates // Haitus

Long story short: I’m going on haitus.

I know I’ll be missed (not), but just as a smol post, here’s basically why, and when I’ll be back and some details about it.

  • I’m redesigning my blog??

Yup. I am so indecisive, but I decided to try out PicMonkey and give Free Perspectives a whole new make-over. I’m going to stick with the theme and the layout, but I’ll be changing the blog header, sidebar, sign-off… I’m so excited to see where this goes! So if you visit my blog during the next week or so, it’s going to be a MESS 😅 #underconstruction

  • Just life overall

Can I say that I’m TIRED? Not from blogging, but just life in general?? I need a breather and give myself a break, but I just know (haha) that when I’m back, I’ll be more motivated and inspired. I want to focus on school and spend more time with my friends, family, as well as my own self-care. We need to take care of ourselves first, right?

  • How about the blogosphere?

I’ll definitely still keep up with the blogosphere; I’m just taking a blogging haitus. I’ll still be on Reader 🙂

  • When will I be back?

At the VERY most, 2 weeks. I’ll use this time to plan/schedule posts as well, so at least there’s that XD

Anyways, that’s it for now, and I. Don’t. Know. If. thisisagoodideabutwhatever I don’t even know if I can survive this, and I feel like the hardest part is MISSING YOU GUYS DEFINITELY *hugs*

Take care lovelies, and see you soon ❤

Kimberly xx


13 thoughts on “New Updates // Haitus

  1. I’LL BE MISSING YOU SO SO SO MUCH 😢 But I’m really excited for your new blog design!! I know you’re really good at this so I can’t wait! 😍 *Gives you hugs and chocolates and flowers* Good luck on everything!
    Ryry xx 😘

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