NIGHT ROUTINE 2018 // relieve stress + get deep sleep + increase your productivity

We all know that sleep is gold. No doubt.

It’s one thing all humans have in common?? Admit it – even though you stay up at night and spend time with SnapChat or whatever, you still love sleep. Please, girl don’t give me the jazz hands YOU KNOW it’s precious. That fantastic time of the day when it’s just utter silence and peace… if only we could have that every night. Sadly lots of things in our daily lives can lead to a poor night’s sleep *cries*, and it can lead to another crappy next day.

Today, I’m sharing my night routine that helps me to have a decent sleep as well as relieving some stress. Despite all that, I’m actually (for once) quite excited to share my totally-normal-and-you-know-it tips and tricks to boost self-care and positive productivity!!

Beware: I have really weird tactics, so don’t bother, because… I’m concerned about your well-being??(no actually it’s not that wacky trust me)

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01. Dim my lights

This probably applies to many things – from putting your device into ‘Night Mode’ to just leaving a lamp open in your room. Personally, I find that a dim lighted setting soothes and calms me down.  I do know in fact that some may find this a tad annoying, but of all things, this one helps… probably the most. If you’re aware of my old room makeover, you’d most likely be convinced over my fairy lights, but soon you’ll see the updated one *wink wink*

02. Charge my phone

Well technically it’s not a phone – I just use it as an mp3 (my iPhone 4 is slowly dying). Anyways, since sometimes I forget to turn the ‘repeat’ button off on my playlist, it keeps on playing the whole night, and then when I wake up, it’s at 47% *sighs*

Shame shame, Kimberly, shame shame.

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is this SNL?? 

03. Drink tea

Okay foremost NO CAFFEINE OF COURSE. To be honest, I only have time to have tea prior to bed on Friday and Saturday nights because I’m a student. Well, education has the ups but also has the downs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Recently I’m pretty into this Japanese rice tea aka that is SO specific. Sorry 😅 Just Google it

04. Listen to music

This is a total 50/50; like studying, it either is a lifesaver or a complete distraction. For me, I can’t sleep without music. Seriously. Recently, I’ve been listening to music by Joe Hisashi and it’s really really good!! Take into consideration that reading and music go well together 🙂 Well I guess in a nutshell, I listen to music 24/7… so um…

05. Pack my bag

Usually I can’t have a good night’s sleep without feeling settled that I have everything under control. Also, I absolutely hate hate hate HATE morning rush, so why not pack my bag ahead of time? I check my bullet journal, check my homework and textbooks, and put everything I need in. That way, I can go to bed feeling prepared as well as one less thing on my mind.

06. Pick out my clothes for the next day

I’m not the type of person that spends an hour struggling over what my outfit should be (I do NOT like makeup for your info), but again, morning rush is not my thing. Most of the time I just grab something from my closet or from the laundry room because I’m lazy and sometimes I don’t bring my clothes upstairs. It’s always a t-shirt, legging, and hoodie all day, everyday, but one less thing to worry about, eh?

07. Make a “to do” list

Sometimes I might have to bring a poster, laptop, or something the next day, and I would worry if I would forget to bring it. My list comes to the rescue (to save my sanity)!! Write down a list of things you need to remember to bring the following day and stick it on an obvious spot that you will not miss, like on top of your backpack or the family table.

08. Read read read read read

If you’re a bookworm, you’re most likely virtually scolding me right now, I mean, I can’t help it?? You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but reading helps to settle your mind. I mean of course, not something from Stephen King (unless you find it soothing), but a nice casual read can help calm your mind and body. Usually I read about 10 – 30 minutes, depending on how tired I feel that day.

09. Hand warmer

It’s still chilly at night where I live, so a hand warmer saves about just everything. I have something to warm my cold quilts as well as a nice thing to hug to. It takes about 3 minutes of my life to warm it up – throw it into the microwave, punch in 2 minutes 20 seconds, and wait for the magic to happen. I feel like if I’m too cold (or hot), I can’t fall asleep as quick, so make adjustments to suit your own needs!!

Side note: if it’s more warmer, turn up the AC or fan

10. Put on my contacts

I wear contacts at night – since I’ve been having this for about 2 years now, it’s really easy and quick for me to put them on my potato shaped eyeballs (I know it’s really cringy).

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So how does being a “morning bird” increase your productivity?

In SO many ways – people say that a good night’s sleep is the key to success, and in a way, yes I am 100% backing it.

So of course being a rebel, unlike most people my age, I sleep at 10:00 ish and wake up around 7:20. And I don’t use an alarm clock (because I don’t want to be scared awake thank you kindly). Over time, my body has gotten used to the schedule, and having a daily night routine really helps.

Let’s see it this way – seriously: who can have a productive day if you had a bad night? No one, at least to my attention *squints and looks around creepily* The main BIG difference between “deep sleep” and just “sleep” is this: when you have deep sleep, your brain completely puts up the “closed” sign and says I’m out. Studies have shown (omg why am I being all scientific ASLKDJSD) that dreams – including nightmares – are signs of you having a deep sleep!! Creepy, isn’t it?

Instead of staying up late, why not sleep and wake up earlier? I seriously don’t see the down side for this; you don’t have to worry if you will oversleep, and you can have energy and positive vibes for the day. In all ways, I’m in.

Remember, a night routine that works for you = a higher chance for you to have a deep sleep = better productivity

Find out what works for you!

why do i sound like an ad now

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So hello survey.

I probably mentioned this last post, but in light of my 1st blogiversary last month, I finally  decided to open up a survey!! It’s 100% anonymous – you don’t have to enter your email, and entering your name is optional. It would mean so much if you would take a minute of your precious life to help me help you!!

Ugh why and am I so cringe WHY SOMEBODY TELL ME

You can find my survey here, or here!

let's take flight, shall we

What’s your night routine? Do you find Stephen King books soothing? What’s your favourite type of tea after a long day? Are you a morning bird? Take care of yourselves, my fellow potatoes 🙂 Comment away!!

forever yours, kimberly

3 thoughts on “NIGHT ROUTINE 2018 // relieve stress + get deep sleep + increase your productivity

  1. love this post ❤ I learned so much tbh 😀 Does that mean that I’m always getting a deep sleep? I always have dreams even when I just had 3-4 hours of sleep. The number of hours doesn’t matter anyway. I function normally no matter how little time I slept. Actually, I’m a night owl 🦉 btw your routine is almost the same as mine 👭 #twinning 😂

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