7 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring // celebrating 2018 equinox + freebies

Though not a year goes by without spring, it’s arrival never fails to serve as a constant reminder of joy.

Honestly, I’m quite excited for spring this year; I have so much things planned, and I can’t wait to complete them all while “smelling the roses”. I still can’t believe that 2018 is going so fast – Where. Did. Time. Go.

After months of bitter cold evil weather (except for the warm blankets – those are good), the new signs of life are a nice of a change. So on that happy note, today I’m sharing 7 ways to welcome spring this year!! These are just some other ways to celebrate the upcoming season of spring; let’s see what wonderfully bland ways I came up with (I am SO original – save me)

Also in light of this new blissful moment of the year, I’m doing my first freebie giveaway! Stay until the end to find out what I have in store for YOU! ugh why am I so cheesy save me again..

don’t scroll down to the end at the mention of a freebie – I know what you’re doing aka I’m creepy and I can turn my head 360 degrees like an owl

separator new

01. Hang up those bird feeders

Birds!! Hence my bluebird separator ☝️ Recently my mom bought a hummingbird feeder as well as a chunk of bird food (with a variety of seeds). Since then, I usually see 2 – 7 hummingbirds and numerous chickadees everyday. Honestly, it always makes my day a tad bit brighter – seeing a hummingbird up close is really a wonder.

Well… some raccoons ate our bird food chunk a few nights ago and I’m fuming.


02. Pull out your light colour clothes

After that dreary season of heavy jackets and dark coloured clothing, the time has arrived for spring colours 🙂 Stow away your scarves and toques and pull our your cardigans and cotton tees.

Some ideas from a total fashion clueless:

  • cotton tees (duh)
  • spring flannels
  • pastel colour jackets
  • floral patterned blouses
never in a million years would I wear anything up there except my tees tho


03. Spring clean, spring queen

Just another ridiculous slogan I came up with in a thousand years (yes I’m that old). When I clean my room, it always makes me more cheerful and less cluttered. Simple things like dusting your drawers or wiping the desk can make a huge difference. If you feel unmotivated to do some spring cleaning, think of how aesthetic it will be after aka how I get with life 😅


04. Go outside

I think this might just sum up everything that has to do with spring?? The good weather is there for a reason – open your windows, go out for a run… or even, walk to school/work!


05. Wake up early

I know this is so cliché, the whole ‘wake up early’ business, but try it in spring, and it’ll change. Not everyday’s a sunny day, but every morning you still watch the sun rise and hear the birds chirping. Let nature be your alarm clock 🙂


06. Go for a photography shoot

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of Jordan Matter… sue me XD Go out and take some shots of anything and everything. Incorporate some nature, sunshine, or even that raccoon who stole my bird food.

Even though spring gives amazing photos, any season has it’s own beauty 🙂


07. Get indoor plants

Or succulents. A few months ago I adopted a smol succulent and it’s officially my potato child 😂 I feel like having a plant gives the whole room a fresh vibe (yo) and it makes me feel like I’m needed for once XD

If you love cooking, get some herbs!! (I mean who doesn’t love food)


separator new

Freebie galore!!

*throws confetti* *throws more confetti*

*finally realizes that I have a big mess to clean up*

As promised, for the first time in (forever), I’m giving away freebies!! So sue me I’m not a nice person and I eat my words. No I don’t. Ignore me. Since I have a creative brain, I’m sharing my top 10 favourite quotes! Save them to your computer, and use it as phone wallpaper, or print it out as wall art – the choices are unlimited 🙂

Side note: These freebies are for personal use only – and please do not take credit

choose kind freebie

enjoy today freebie.PNG

you are loved so remember that freebie.PNG



let's take flight, shall we

Are you excited for spring? How are you welcoming the season? Do you have a bird feeder? Thoughts on the freebies? Tell me what you will do with the quotes!! Comment away 🙂

forever yours, kimberly

2 thoughts on “7 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring // celebrating 2018 equinox + freebies

  1. I waaaaant spring 😭 Why do the Philippines only have 2 seasons? Rainy season and sunny season yay 😢 BTW I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH 💗


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