Farewell March // spring break + changes in life // spring saves sanity

So it’s near the end of March and my potato brain is unable to comprehend with that fact.

Like always!! Anyways: March went by really quick. Too quick actually. Where did time go I don’t know too 😅 This past month has been really hectic – I’m starting to get used to online school, and how to juggle that along with in-class school.

SO much happened over that past 31 days (wow I sound like a documentary).. spring break happened, gymnastics happened, and I got to see family… March was busy, but definitely better than February 🙂 I’m just hoping that my March recap will look decent tho 😂

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I was very ambitious about Free Perspectives early March – looking back, maybe I had my hopes up too high?? I’m not sure, but I definitely need to lower my expectations to the reasonable zone. Buuuut there is still some okay-ness (aka I just made up a word)

When I saw their post in my Reader I literally screamed on the inside. My sanity is restored  😭

  • I actually have motivation (for once)

I haven’t had blogging inspiration in FOREVER. Literally my potato shaped brain is bursting with ideas and prompts.. three cheers XD

  • Survey

In light of my first year blogiversary last month, I decided to put up a survey (because I need validation like always). If you haven’t done the survey yet, please do! It’s 100% anonymous – no email address required, and filling in your name is optional. Help me help you (what my English teacher always says).


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To be honest, looking back at my stats for all months, my stats have decreased. But that’s totally fine!! A few months ago I would have flipped, but now, I’m blogging because I love it, and not for stats.

I feel like one of the reasons for the slight decrease was because of my re-designing of Free Perspectives. Compared to months of the same look and style, it’s 100% different now, so people might be like

Image result for huh gif

So for all ways, I guess you guys are also getting used to the new design and everything – along with me. Though again, my stats are down by a bit, I have no regrets because I have found my “blog design soul mate” 😅

me and my words tho

Views: 460 // Visitors: 146 // Likes: 104 // Comments: 36 // Follows: 188 WordPress + 1 Email

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posts this month

I decided to add this section (so I can be proud of my progress yay me)!! This is going to be a pain getting all the featured images so why am I doing it

7 ways to welcome springget to know me tagnight routine 2018luculiastudying hacksfarewell february

☆ hiraeth and nostalgia ☆

I decided to not have a featured image for my poetry post ☝️ I guess I wanted to have the words in my poems to create an imagery, and not having it to rely on actual photos to represent it 🙂

*wipes sweat off forehead*

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fav post

I think it was my first time blogging about something like this, but it turned out way better than I had expected!! Well coincidentally or not, after writing this post my 3 month long blogger’s block ended and now I have so much ideas, so thank you, night routine?

night routine 2018

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around the blogosphere

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life moments new

  • SuRiVeD mY eNgLiSh PrEsEnTaTiOn
  • I made a new friend at school (which is basically #missionimpossible) and she’s so amazing 🙂
  • Spring break came HEYOOOOO
  • face-time chatted (??) with one of my besties and omg I MISS HER
  • I went half way across the world, survived a 12 hour flight, and got to see the rest of my family ❤
  • I was watching TV and there was an earthquake omg I could literally feel the building SHAKE for a second or two
  • did a proper back walkover #accomplished
  • My life is so dim save me

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around the internet

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playlist ft. meh ears

Ugh I am so BLAND BECAUSE KIMI E NO USO IS HERE AGAIN. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but if there was a thing called a “song soul mate” Kimi e no Uso would be it (me and my words again). This past month I’ve been doing a music rewind and started listening to old Taylor Swift songs as well as some of the popular ones from 5-7 years ago when I was a smol potato.

  • Togetsukyo ~ kimi omou ~ by Mai Kuraki
  • Kimi e no Uso by Valshe (6 month let’s go)
  • Your Best Friend by Mai Kuraki
  • Begin Again by Taylor Swift
  • Delicate by Taylor Swift
  • Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

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reading moments new

Gosh this month was a improvement by a kilometre (or mile) compared to last month – I read a total of 6 books 🙂 I mean it’s not impressive to fellow bookworms but *shrugs*

books i read

Click on the book cover to go to GoodReads!!

youll miss me when im gone     love hate and other filters

everything everything     Image result for all that was karen rivers

Image result for city of saints and thieves goodreads     Image result for before i fall goodreads

You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone // Rachel Lynn Solomon

Bottom line: I LOVED the story-line, and how Solomon is raising awareness for Huntington’s Disease. Just overall… bittersweet *insists that you grab a box of kleenex* Buuuuut I felt like the whole book was very slow and confusing? I was SO excited to read You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone but now…

two starts.PNG

Love, Hate, and Other Filters // Samira Ahmed

It was a disappointment again 😦 I’ve read reviews on Goodreads and I found that it’s either a hit or miss, and sadly I think I’ll have to agree. Again I was looking forward to reading this, but the whole story just didn’t really feel “connected” for me; like it was all over the place. Though, strong feminism and WOW I LOVE THE MUSLIM REP!!!

two starts.PNG

Everything Everything // Nicola Yoon


Okay so here’s the thing. Overall, do I like fluff? NO. I DON’T LIKE IT. Although I loved Yoon’s writing style, but still. And the ending though. I did NOT like how it ended. Nope.

one and half stars.PNG

All That Was // Karen Rivers


So obviously if you’ve been here for some time, then you’d know that I love anything with aesthetic, watercolour, or modern callligraphy. All That Was became the package bundle for me and I LOVED the cover *fangirl sesh* But the actual content… I know I’m so dim and I’m repeating all my reviews here but the whole story line was repetitive and just overall confusing?

3 stars

City of Saints and Thieves // Natalie C. Anderson

I LOVE MURDER MYSTERY PLOTS but this particular one was disappointing *cries*

two starts

Before I Fall // Lauren Oliver


This one is a re-read – I read this about a year ago, and I felt fine, but something about it this time made me SO uncomfortable. I really like how Oliver is delivering the message and the plot overall, but. Yeah. Just really uneasy for me. It might be different for you though.

two starts

april tbr

To be completely honest, I only have 1 book planned so far and it shouldn’t 😅 I’m SO excited to read Truly Devious; I want some good murder mystery plots?! Seriously – that book has been on hold since FOREVER and finally I got my library notification and I screamed. So in all ways good ways, why am I ranting. Again??

34225450     Truly Devious (Truly Devious, #1)



monthly reflections

Honestly I am quivering like a leaf right now because I am excited yet scared to see what I have actually accomplished in March.. I am ambitious and I absolutely hate dislike being off schedule. Cross fingers!!


  • reach 185 followers Oh my word we’re currently at 189 right now I really detest being cheesy but still ILYSM THANK YOU  
  • publish 10+ posts so I’m back to reality and I realize that I published 7 posts
  • catch up with Reader #sorrynotsorry Demi Lovato probably agrees with me when I say that I did a mildly okay job
  • finalize my design elements please pretty please I am 99% finished… so NO


  • scorpionscorpionscorpian GET MY SCORPIAN  I can see that I was angry because in the end I spelled scorpion wrong hahaha *cries* 


  • perfect my back walkover um. Almost?
  • perfect my split jump um. well. 
  • practice my aerial prep MORE PLS MORE did that for the first week of March. And then I forgot about it. Oops. 
  • drink 1+ cup at least 25/31 days I did it *jazz hands* 
  • find 1 more coping strategy for anxiety/stress *pulls hair arghhhh* does drinking latte with pearls count?


  • read 15 books in total 16 DOWN (and 7 books behind schedule according to Goodreads)
  • post 2 book reviews did 0 … nada
  • go to the library at least 3 times hands down on this one – but I think I deserve bonus marks for going to two libraries in two different countries that are half way across the world from each other?


goals for April


  • um. 200 followers?! *faints*
  • publish 5+ posts
  • respond to comments asap (I’m losing myself in the world of comments)


  • get. that. BACK WALKOVER
  • please get my split jump good ‘kay
  • scorpion pt. 2: get my leg straight
  • start running again??
  • spend more time on gymnastics
  • finish my midterms *cries again*
  • go apply for my online school report card aka I may be procrastinating #exposed
  • laugh more, smile more


  • read 20 books in total
  • reduce the number of books behind schedule thingy on Goodreads
  • post at least ONE book review

let's take flight, shall we

So. How was YOUR March? Busy? Relaxing? Did you go on spring break too? Any good books you read? Goals for the next month? Tell me everything!! How are YOU? Comment away lovelies 🙂

forever yours, kimberly

19 thoughts on “Farewell March // spring break + changes in life // spring saves sanity

  1. HOW IS IT APRIL ALREADY? Like, can time please go a little slower? Pretty please? It sounds like your month was pretty good! Girl. You read so many books. I read, let me see… One. I hardly read any books this month. But here’s to the future and more reading (hopefully).

    ~ Ella Marie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YAY!!! Let’s finally do the collab we haven’t yet started detective!!! Btw that’s a nice list of books, gave me some ideas of what to read next!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. March was ok, it wasn’t that bad after all! I actually have lots of reactions to this post but I forgot about the first ones *scrolls up again* Ah, okay. Thanks for the mention againnnn u don’t know how much it makes me happy 😊 Plus congrats on all your achievements! #missionpossible *scrolls up again* I totally agree with “I’m blogging because I love it, and not for stats.” aaaah I love it ❤ #twinningagain bc I also just listened to old TS songs aaand I think you didn’t enjoy the book you’ve read that much 😂 I hate that feeling tho when you’re disappointed with a book. Good luck with all your goals! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

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