7 Positive Ways to Deal with Sticky Situations // Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go the way we want it to go.

Sometimes we may feel disappointment. Regret. Anger. Jealousy. Panic. As well as a whole slew of other emotions. There is no bad emotion; every is there for reason, but at times we may feel like it’s the worst thing that could happen to us.

Today, I’m sharing 7 positive ways to deal with sticky situations, where you can hopefully release yourself from the tight grasp. It’s been awhile for me – trying to figure out this, and that… I feel like there’s a lot I can improve on self care, and I’m glad that I have gathered up the bits and pieces of my messed up life found some ideas for it. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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01. Breathe deeply

When we feel panicky or a rush of adrenaline, our heartbeat naturally fastens. Deep breathing actually helps!! Here’s one I do:

Breathe in. Count from 1 – 5 slowly. Breathe out. Count from 1 – 5 slowly.

There’s plenty of free breathing excercise videos on Youtube!! (I mean some are cringe soooo don’t do that unless if cringe helps you)

02. Don’t bottle your emotions up

Oh my goodness I just CANNOT stress this enough, but this is SO IMPORTANT. Really; trust me on this one. I like to think of our mind as a volcano – the lava is like the emotions. When there are small eruptions, our emotions are released often, but at small amounts every time.

Buuuut when you bottle it up for a loooooong time… there’s one. Big. Enormous. Potato. Explosion. *imagines a volcano spewing out potatoes* Okay, on a more serious note, our emotions just comes out, all at once. It’s once in a while, but every time there is an eruption, it is completely overwhelming and that can take a toll on your body and soul.

So. which one do you think is more beneficial to our health?

03. Find support

Continuing (in a way) from #2, finding support is also really important. Whether it may be a parent, sibling, friend, pet, or a potato inside a burlap sack, this is another way to de-bottle-lize (I think I just made up another word??) emotions. We all need a shoulder to lean on sometime, but it can make the whole difference.

04. Accept your mistakes and learn from them

We often may think that mistakes are the end of the world (aka me 24/7), so therefore poof, perfectionists are born *waves wildly at the blogosphere* Which, is 100% me. For almost all of my life, I was unable to accept my mistakes. Nada. I would be so upset, and it would be on my mind for days.

Now, I think I have matured in a very extremely low decent amount in that department, and now I’m learning how to accept it, and let it go. Some say that mistakes are our best teacher, and now, I think I’m starting to understand that.

So, in a nutshell, try to turn a negative experience into a positive one by learning from it. Ask yourself, “what is it that I did wrong?” “how can I change next time?”

05. Self care

This is DEFINITELY under-rated: self care is so so so important. Like excercising and eating healthy food helps to take care of you body, you also need time to take care of your mind. Take time to relax. Do something that soothes you.

Remember: good health = good mental health + good physical health

06. Remind yourself the positivity in your life

Admit it: sometimes, it is hard to remember the positives in our lives. I do too – there are days when I feel like it just can’t get any worse. One way that I try to remind myself is by writing the positive things in my life. The action of writing it down will help you take the time to actually realize it 🙂

07. Remember that this is not permanent, and it will pass

This sounds like “yeah I know cue rolling eyes” that type of statement. I know. I know.

Actually though, when we are presented with a situation we may not want to be in, often we may think like “I’m stuck like this forever” or “this will never end”. If you can relate to this, that’s 100% okay! There is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” emotion – they are there for a reason, and if we were to be happy all the time, we wouldn’t be humans.

It’s really hard to remember this – I know for a fact that yes, it really is. But nothing lasts forever, and after this, you will become stronger. And that’s a really precious thing. So no matter what, don’t give up, because you are worth it, and the world wouldn’t be the same without you ❤

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Just as a small blurb:

I think, just today, I realized that I should be me. Me. Wholly me. I should write like how I speak, I should express like how I dream. I should do me, and not others. In other words, I should start being 100% myself in all ways, in all places.

I should stop trying to be the person I think I should be and start being the person I am meant to be.

Does that make sense? *shakes head myself*

So in light of that, I’m trying to figure some things out, and you will notice some changes here. Not by blog design (haha I should get over it), but by the philosophy behind Free Perspectives, and how I want to make it uniquely mine.

I want to find a new purpose, and new map for my journey. I want to create my own rules, and not follow the “norm”. I want to pave my own road, and not walk in someone else’s footsteps, because their journey is not mine, as mine is not theirs.

There should be something that defines me, and I am on the verge of figuring that out.

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Ooh, and here’s something new… I’m starting wrap up my blog re-design, and I have now (finally) made an “About” page!! If you’d like to know more about yours truly, head on over 🙂

let's take flight, shall we

So. Do you think there is “good” and “bad” emotions? How do you cope with sticky situations? What do you do for self care? Wow, the sakura (cherry blossoms) are finally blooming and I’m so excited *screams* Comment away 🙂

forever yours, kimberly


11 thoughts on “7 Positive Ways to Deal with Sticky Situations // Tips and Tricks

  1. This such a lovely read detective. Some really great tips here!! My life motto that helps me conquer through tough situations is “good things are coming!”. I think for me it’s important that we first embrace and accept our hardships and then remind ourselves that this isn’t the end of it. Life goes on and better things are coming. Anyway, I love this post!!! xx

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  2. Omg thank you soooooo much for writing this cuz bruh I really needed this. U should’ve seen me last night. I was stressed so much!!! So really THANK YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. #girlboss #girlpower #youdoyou I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH! ❤ Those who are proud of who exactly who they are and appreciates their uniqueness is my favorite kind of people ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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