10 (Very) Random Facts You May Not Know About Me

Surprise, surprise, humans are very interesting creatures.

Out of the 8 (?) billion people in our world, not one of them is the same. We all have our own unique attributes, personalities, bodies, and everything else in between. Sadly though, sometimes it’s the most “unknown” facts about us that scares/embarrasses us the most.

Usually I’m a very secretive person, and because I feel nice for once, I’m going to do something that I haven’t done here in awhile. Today, I’m going to be sharing 10 facts you may not know about me!! This has been sitting in my drafts for awhile, so why not put some use to it? Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

Smol note: #sorrynotsorry for my unannounced 1 week (ish) haitus ~ just finished and somehow survived my fashion show (I’ll talk about that in another post soon *wink wink*)

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01. I’m not afraid of blood

This is actually a really weird but true thing about me – blood doesn’t scare me. I’ve never been uneasy around “real life” things except for insects bleh stuff. In fact, I like taking blood tests – somehow it’s relaxing for me??


02. I have braces

Invisalign, to be exact. I’ve had them for almost 3, 4 years now, and ugh finally, I’m almost done XD Before that, I had retainers for about an year when I was around 9. The orthodontist I have keeps on giving me new pairs to wear, but he’s really nice. Perfectionists unite, eh?

I’ve always had wacky teeth – it’s not “lined up” properly, and it was naturally more squished. I’m really thankful that I had the chance to fix them 🙂


03. I love literature

This is probably one fact that is too obvious that it’s not?? I love anything that has to do with words. Since I’m an introvert at heart, I’m always looking for ways to express myself other than speaking. For example, blogging or music! Also, bonus fact: I love love love Shakespeare, and learning new languages except for French. I can speak English (of course), read a little bit of French, and understand some basic vocab in Mandarin and Japanese, and Taiwanese.

Since French is one of my country’s official languages, our education system requires us to learn it in school for around 4 years. I could have chosen another language elective last year (aka this school year), but I didn’t and stuck with French… Now I’m basically half dead and have #NoTearsLeftToCry

Thankfully, this school year is ending soon, and for next year, I’m doing Japanese, so yay me 🙂

Image result for celebration gif
aka what I look like when I’m dancing

04. I have an almost perfect pitch

In other words, I have really good hearing – some may say it’s a good thing, but some may say so otherwise. I mean, the good part is that I know when the piano is out of tune and needs a re-tuning. Though. I can hear really high pitched sounds, which is VERY annoying!! Right now as I’m typing this on my laptop, I can here really high pitched sounds coming from the computer. I mean, I still want my potato eardrums!! Life, please stop killing my ears. That would be gladly appreciated.


05. I didn’t learned how to ride a bike until I was 8, 9 years old.

I know a lot of people learn it really quick, but hello?? I’m SCARED TO DEATH ABOUT FALLING DOWN. I do NOT want to scrape my knees, and literally scream when I take a shower for the following week. That happened to me once, and trust me, it was NOT a pretty sight.

Now, I’m quite comfortable riding a bike, but it’s still not one of my favourite things to do.


06. I’m a perfectionist

Again, this is probably one of those things that is too obvious that it’s not. I have NO idea why, but ever since I was a tiny amoeba, I set high expectations for myself. Especially school related things, like homework, tests… I guess maybe even blogging?? It’s really weird, because in my family’s philosophy is that attitude is what matters most – if you work hard, then that’s all it matters, whatever the result may be. I’m really lucky to be able to grow up in such a positive environment, but THEN I COME IN AND RUIN THINGS FOR MYSELF.

I really don’t know why, but it’s true. I mean, ugh, I have those “traditional” values for myself, and I know it really isn’t logical, but *cough* I’m much easier and nicer to myself now, but still, natural instincts. I know, I know, I’m such a stubborn potato.


07. Dissecting in biology doesn’t creep me out as much

I mean, I still get the a;lsdkjf;alsjfalsjflasjdfa feeling, but it’s not to the point when I feel nauseous. Story time: last year, we had to dissect a sheep’s eye in Bio, and before that actual day, I was FREAKED out about it, like would it be squishy? Slimey? Will the eye LOOK at me? The actual dissection was not too bad, but I kinda felt bad afterwards, because I have a lamb stuffed animal that I’ve had since I was a young years, and… yeah.

I had to reassure myself that my stuffed animal isn’t made out those, but as I like to quote, it’s made out of “made of cotton and love”.

ugh I’m cringe, aren’t I?


08. Music is basically my fuel

Music has always played a really important (and big) part of my life. I’ve been listening and playing music ever since I was a little tad potato. I have played piano for about 7, 8 years, and violin for 6. Classical music is one of my favourite genres – one of the pieces that I listen to the most is E flat major op 125, 2. Scherzo (Prestissimo) // Franz Schubert. I also really love songs by Mai Kuraki, and of course, Kimi e no Uso // Valshe. I’m almost always listening to music 24/7, so don’t be surprised XD

Image result for listening to music gif
idk why I love this gif so much 

09. I’m 161.5 cm tall.

This is probably the most random fact here, because suddenly out of nowhere I’m screaming into the blogosphere that I’m this tall XD Most people use feet or inches, but somehow I never really wrapped my head around it, so here I am, using centimeters. Anyways enough of my rambling, I just measured myself a few seconds ago, and I realized that I have grown my 0.5 cm!! The thing is, that officially, right now I’m the shortest person in my family *cries* Whenever I’m kind of frustrated that I’m not taller, I remember what my aunt said – if the sky falls down, the tall people will get crushed first.

So yes, that brings me comfort XD


10. I love real crime documentaries.

This is a really weird thing of me – I’m fascinated by history, criminal law, the justice system… most likely I won’t become a lawyer, but still. About half an hour ago I just finished an episode of Crime Watch Daily. To be honest, I could just lie on the couch with I dunno, a juice box, and watch 3 episodes of Crime Watch Daily back to back. Yup, I’m that serious.

let's take flight, shall we

so! again, I’m really sorry about my unannounced week-ish haitus, but I’m back for good 🙂 how are you? what have you been up to? is it also finals season for you? what is one random fact about you? comment away, lovelies ❤

forever yours, kimberly

17 thoughts on “10 (Very) Random Facts You May Not Know About Me

  1. OOoh- okay, I do not know how you like blood tests, but you can do mine for me! haha x And braces.. all my friends have braces. I’m blessed with good, straight teeth, thankfully. I swear I love books so much like ahhh. 😍 BOOOOOOOKKSSS. I also have really good hearing, apparently. When I’m upstairs and people talk about me downstairs, I’m like “I can hear you!.” Whoops, I still cannot ride a bike. What can I say? My dad never bothered to teach me. Next: I am an extreme perfectionism. iT IS MY LIFE. I don’t really like dissections because they go against my morals and it’s cringy. Also, music is life. Gives me life. yup. Ooh, I’m about 166 cm, or 5’5 and a half. cRIME DOCUMENTARY IS ACTUALLY REALLY COOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My friend actually likes looking at blood. You two should be friends XD I heard braces suck and I’m kinda terrified of getting one now. And hey we are about the same height!


  3. I do nooot like blood. but YES, music and books!! don’t worry, I learned to ride a bike at a “late” age too. and I actually have perfect pitch! 🙂


  4. ohhh myyyy gossshhhh!!! (can you hear me? yes i hear u too) So the fashion show is done and I CAN’T wait for your post about it! ❤💕💞💓💗💘 I can really relate about loving literature, having an almost perfect pitch, being quite a perfectionist, being a music lover, & the height! (omg we’re about the same heighttttt!) I think the most random is #1. I mean, it’s BLOOD, kim, BLOOD. 😂 But you’re right, every one of us is different. Anywas, I love this post a lot ❤ lovelots XO

    Liked by 1 person

    • first of all um HOW DID YOUR LOVELY COMMENT GET SENT TO SPAM?? I’m literally half fuming half laughing at Askimet rn XD ok. so. I’m totally calm now. not. onwards.

      yes yes yes ikr? I really don’t know how I survived the fashion show and all omg that week I had to sleep so late everyday 😥 I can’t wait to post about it too!! just wait a teeeeny bit longer 😅 I know. Yes. I don’t know why but I’m not afraid of blood someone tell me why XD love always xx

      Liked by 1 person

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