Finding Hope Even When the Sky is Falling Down // important announcements

As much as we may want it to, life isn’t perfect.

We make mistakes. Unexpected events arise. Things happen. I’m sure that there are at least one thing that happened in your life that you’d like to forget. That goes for me, too! We’re all humans, breathing, living, in the same world, aren’t we?

Talking about “the sky is falling down”, remember a few posts ago, I talked about how when I feel like I’m short, I remember that my aunt told me that “if the sky falls down, then the tall people will get crushed first”? Yeah, probably 😅 Who knew days later, I’ll be sitting here, typing this out and using that as a post inspiration?

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I brought that up for a reason, too. Things happen without any prior alert, like how I believed that I would be taller than my dad before but now I know it’s not going to happen. That’s, of course, on the “lighter” scheme of events, but you probably know what I mean.

There are times when we feel hopeless, and that it feels like it’s the end of the world no joke. That happens for everyone, but at different times and situations. It may be when you just don’t know if you’ll pass the next test, or when you’re dealing with a loved one that’s sick.

In my belief, life was never meant to be a straight path – there will be obstacles along the way. But, I also know that with the love and support of God, our family, and friends, there is nothing we can’t overcome. There will be days when you feel like you just can’t stand back up. But that’s okay! Not every day will be a “good” day, and it’s just simply part of life.

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How can one find peace in their raging heart while the world is spinning non-stop around them, you ask. To be honest, I probably have asked myself that question a million times. How can I settle my mind? How can I find hope in times of despair? How can I allow myself to live again?

They all say that “keep your spirits up, everything will be okay”. You know it’s true, that things will go back to the way it was before, but still: how could it be? How can I be happy when one of my family member is fighting for their life? How can I find inner peace when they say that their leaving, for good? If it’s you who is fighting for your life, then how could you possibly listen to that? “Nonsense”, would probably be one of the first words you think of in response. You know what? Yep, that’s what I thought too.

How did I find hope when I was just so sure that it’s over, and it’ll never be the same again? How did I find the courage to stand back up? Even though it’s been almost and year and a half, I still think about it sometimes.

Then, I knew.Image result for chibird gif

If I gave up and stopped fighting, then… there’s absolutely no words. I would hurt them with scars that will never heal. Giving up is an option of course, but once you choose it, there’s no time to go back. It’s permanent. But having faith that things will get better? Believing that God is there to guide you? It will save you.

It’s hard; reminding yourself that it will change, and that you, are loved. It’s one thing that I had always took for granted, but not anymore. We have unconditional love from Him, and He will lead us to the light at the end of the tunnel. There are the people who you love most – they will be there for you until the very end.

Remind yourself that you are here on Earth for a reason. You are loved. You are needed.

So how do you find hope? Just don’t ever take one breathe for granted, and you’ll understand why when it’s all over. When all this is over, you’ll be thankful that you didn’t give up, and it will change your perspective on life forever.

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To be honest… things, are changing. Here’s a smol bloggish update:

+   I’m now trying out a new blogging schedule! Instead of just posting every 2, 3 days, I’m starting to fix up a schedule that could work. For now, you can expect a post every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I’ll try to keep up with this new schedule of mine, and I’ll see how it goes! Currently I’m still testing the waters, so bear with me as I try to figure things out 😅

+   A BIG thank you for 200 followers!! It means the world to me; the blogosphere is truly an amazing place. I might be doing something in light of it, so be sure to keep and eye out for that 😉 Anyways, thank you all so so so much again – I love each and every one of you, and I’m so grateful and in awe of your amazing support.

+   I changed my Profile Photo for the first time in forever I took it on a recent trip up the mountains, and it was absolutely breathtaking, seeing my city from above ❤

+   For 200 followers, I’m doing a Q&A very soon! Feel free to ask away in the comments, or complete my survey (100% anonymous). Just a kind reminder: please keep them G-rated, and nothing personal. Thank you all so much again, really. I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you.

let's take flight, shall we

to be honest, it was quite emotional when i was typing this. reflecting back on my life and how long i’ve come… there’s nothing else i feel except for an infinitude of gratitude for the many who supported me on this journey ❤

how do YOU find hope in times of despair?  how can we support others going through a tough time? thoughts on my new profile pic? did you do the survey? comment away, lovelies, and see you all later on my next post 🙂

forever yours, kimberly

12 thoughts on “Finding Hope Even When the Sky is Falling Down // important announcements

  1. Aww this is very inspiring 🙂 You are a true inspiration and your lovely words are very difficult to forget ❤ Congrats for the 200+ followers! You truly deserve it and more! 🎉😊 OOOOOOOHHHH Q&A! I have questionssssssss 🙌
    1. What’s your morning routine during Summer?
    2. Weirdest food you tried?
    3. Share a very strange fact about you 😂
    4. Yanny or Lauren? 😂😂😂
    5. Your guilty pleasure?
    6. Things people love but you hate?
    7. Favorite book?
    8. share a recent embarrassing experience?
    9. What’s the last show you binge-watched?
    10. What’s the last song in your head?
    11. Favorite Blogger?
    12. Favorite YouTuber?
    13. What goes on your head before going to sleep?
    14. This is not a question, more of a command. 😂 Take a picture of your favorite view outside your house 😂 Thank u!

    can’t wait for your answers!!!! XO

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