How to Survive Finals // balancing life, school, and everything in between

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday – how are you all? I don’t know about you, but right now I’m heading head first – unwillingly – into my finals. The school year is almost near the end, and I’m sure it’s the same for some of you too! Whether if you’ve done your finals, are already on summer break, or school is starting soon for you, I hope that these tips can help you in this finals season, or the next 🙂

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

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✰ section 1 – sleep ✰

+ sleep early

I know that as young citizens of this planet called Earth, most of us like to sleep… late. Maybe it’s Instagram, SnapChat, Netflix, or reading if it’s that then I forgive you. I know there’s “things” you need to do, but trust me on this one. It’ll give you more energy during they day to continue with your activities. Also, it helps you to focus!

+ set an alarm

If you’re one of the people who have trouble getting up in the morning, this one is a must have. Just before you go to sleep, set your alarm, and put it near your bed. that way, there’s no way you won’t be awake in the morning 😂

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i mean, if you have a cat, then you’re probably able to relate to this

+ remove your phones, laptops… etc

Not only does it lessen the chance of you getting distracted, it also prevents potentially harmful radio waves. Win win, eh? Also if you forget to power off and your phone and then it suddenly lights up in the middle of the night from a notification… if it’s beside your bed… I CRY FOR YOU *pats head*

I know it’s probably hard, but try not to forget to stop using your devices at least 30 minutes prior to bedtime. The blue light that emits from it would actually provoke your brain to stay awake, which would make it harder for you to fall asleep.


My dear friends, I assure you that this is 100% NOT a good idea. Even though you may think you are studying, but actually your brain is too tired to process any of the information you’re taking in. Instead, sleep and wake up earlier – when you study in the morning, your brain is already well rested and absorb information. #BeNiceToYourBrain

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✰ section 2 – studying ✰

+ gather all of your things needed beforehand

Before you start studying, gather all your notes, textbooks, notebooks, pencil case, or whatever you need, into one place. Therefore, when you start studying, you don’t have to go scurrying around looking for that stupid textbook 😓

+ study in a zero distraction area 

Everyone has their own unique set of distractions. For some, it may be music. Or a quiet eerie place. Acknowledge what distracts you, and remove them or yourself from that location and into a place where you can study distraction free.


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yep. totally.

+ make a plan of what you want to finish covering that day

If you’ve been here for awhile, you’d probably know that I love organization and LISTS omg they are life. Grab a sticky note and pen, and scribble away! It may be reviewing 2 Bio chapters plus 3 Math lessons. Or it might be revising your old English assignments and Chapter 9 in Socials. Whatever it is, make a plan!

+ alter the study guide/review package to make it your own

Your teachers probably have provided you with one of those things. Be sure to use them, but also highlight, add notes, or jot down some points that you need a bit more reviewing on. Use sticky notes – they save the day.

+ use Quizlet!

This honestly is my top go-to study site – creating an account is free, and you can access and create as many sets as you need! There’s different “modes” for you to study, like flashcards, matching, and many more. 100% suggest using this!

note: this is not affiliated nor sponsored

+ take breaks

Along with my tip of not pulling an all nighter, admit it: human brains do not have telepathic or an infinite supply of energy. In order to really be able to process the information you’re taking in, remember to take some breaks! Set a timer, and then when your taking a break, really try to relax! I’d suggest a 5-10 minute break each 30-40 minutes of studying.

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✰ section 3 – the actual exam ✰

+ before you start, do some deep breathing 

Those jittery nerves are annoying, aren’t they? Have you ever had the feeling of that you’re slowly suffocating? *shoots up my hand* By doing some deep breathing, it helps to get more oxygen into your body, therefore slowing down your breathing.

breathe in. breathe out. you got this.

+ flip through all of your test pages first

Glance through your questions first, and make a plan oh here I go again on what questions you are more confident in, and which in you are not. I’d suggest do the questions that you are really confident in first, then work back to the other ones.

+ don’t study right before your exam

Guys, guys, YOU JUST HAVE TO TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. Really. It does NOT help. At all. In fact, it’ll just make you more nervous. Those last few minutes won’t really help – you’ll know the ones you know, and you won’t know the ones you don’t know.

No one is perfect. Allowing, accepting yourself to make mistakes is really hard, but if we’re perfect, then we’re not humans any more, aren’t we?

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✰ section 4 – health ✰

+ take care of your mental and physical health

You’re almost there – I think I can see summer XD

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Taking care of your well being is extremely important. Be sure to find time to practice self care and do things that helps you relax. And of course, don’t bottle it up. Never bottle your emotions up. There’s always support, so don’t hesitate to reach out; there’s nothing to be ashamed of 🙂

*wow i feel like i’m hooked again onto Chibird save me
** you’ll probably see a lot more of these Chibird penguin gifs in the near future
***aka this is me apologizing

+ exercise 


We probably all would want to just keep on studying. But nope. Trust me: it won’t work. Alongside of making sure to get enough sleep each day, find time to exercise too! It helps to clear your mind, benefit your health, and even to relax! Now that’s a win win, kids. Or shall I say win win win? 😉

✰ section 5 – post finals season ✰

+ go and celebrate because it’s SUMMER

Go! Shoo! The highly anticipated 2 months of the year is here!! Ya did it, so go celebrate 🙂 GO GET THE REST YOU SO DESPERATELY NEED.

Cheers, my friends *glasses clink* Here’s to somehow surviving finals season…

let's take flight, shall we

is it finals season for you too? how do you prepare for exams? have you tried any of the tips i listed above?  what works for you, and what doesn’t? if you have a cat, do they also serve as your alarm clock? comment away lovelies, and good luck!!

forever yours, kimberly



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11 thoughts on “How to Survive Finals // balancing life, school, and everything in between

  1. That’s exactly how I prep for any exams/tests, too! 😂 Except for the Quizlet, and I’m gonna check that out 🙂 About the cat.. we actually have a cat who DOES NOT know how too meow with a normal volume. He literally shouts meow so loudly & repeatedly. I can’t possibly stay asleep with that kind of alarm clock 😂 Great post, Kim! XO (I’m still jealous, summer’s almost over here huhuhuuhuh)

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