GUIDE TO FAUX CALLIGRAPHY // Tips & Tricks (Updated)

Hello, ya’ll! Happy Wednesday – how are you all? Ever since I started bullet journaling, I’ve been hooked onto faux calligraphy and the aesthetics. I did a post similar to this one a while ago, but I’ve found a few more tips to improvise it even more! You guys seemed to enjoy that post, so why not update it with another post? Today I’m sharing all of my tips and tricks for faux calligraphy so we can all get that “Tumblr/Insta” aesthetic without emptying our bank accounts 😂

Grab your pens, markers, and paper – let’s get lettering!!

note: this post is no affiliated in any way

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Today, I’ll be using my Uni-Ball Signo 0.5 gel pen, as well as your simply elementary school day Crayola markers. Of course, any gel pen will work, but I highly suggest using the Signo 0.5 because it flow really smoothly and doesn’t leave ink blotches which are always annoying – fellow bujo enthusiasts, do ya’ll hear me? 😉

aesthetic pic 1

I’m not using this pen today, but Muji pens 0.5 also work amazing!

aesthetic pic 3   aesthetic pic 2  

I got my Signo 0.5 in a pack of 8 for around $20.00 CAD regular price, but I got mine on sale for $14.99. As for the Crayola markers, I got them in a pack of 10 for around $2.00 – $4.00, which is extremely cheap.

This post will be divided up into 2 sections – one for each type of writing instrument.

*I am SO happy with the photos above!! BUT no so much for the ones below 😅


<< g e l   p e n s >>

This is probably the reason why I got hooked onto faux calligraphy – I’m pretty sure I was scrolling through YouTube or Instagram, looking at these pretty aesthetic notes, and that’s when I knew I had to try it out.

1. Write a letter in cursive

I’m going to start with the letter “A” as an example.


2. Outline the outer sides of each down stroke

Make sure it’s the OUTER side – not the inside, or else it may look a bit wonky.

a a

3. Leave it be, or fill in the blanks

For me, I usually prefer to fill in the blanks – I feel like it’s the most satisfying part of faux calligraphy; seeing it come to life.

a a filled


<< c r a y o l a >>

Personally, I find that this is much harder than gel pen faux calligraphy. This needs more pen control, angling, and more time to space it evenly. I would suggest doing this after you feel comfortable with the one above, but if you’d like, as always feel free to try this one first! This is just based on my own experience, but it just may turn out to be the opposite 😄

1. Drill 1 – Down & Up Stroke + Applying Pressure

This is probably the most important part of Crayola faux calligraphy – once you get this one, the rest is way easier.

To start, practice applying more pressure on the marker on down stroke. Be sure to apply a LOT of pressure to create the “brush pen” type of look. For up stroke – use the tip of the marker only. It should look something like this:

2. Drill 2 – Connect down & up strokes

When you feel comfortable with drill 1, start by doing the down and upstroke again but in one continuous line. Remember to apply lots of pressure on the down stroke and way less on the upstroke – it should end up looking like a “U”.


3. Apply cursive writing

All you need to do is to write this in cursive! It’s basically just your simple everyday cursive writing, except that you need to apply both drills above. It’s sometimes a pain in the beginning, but results will show after much practice 🙂

brush 1 brush 2

let's take flight, shall we

have you done faux calligraphy before? do you love lettering too? if you’re a fellow bujo enthusiast, are you with me with the annoyance of ink stains? should I do more posts like this in the future? comment away!

forever yours, kimberly

18 thoughts on “GUIDE TO FAUX CALLIGRAPHY // Tips & Tricks (Updated)

  1. I’m obsessed with your Crayola calligraphy! I tried using Crayola before but I never got it right so thanks for these tips!! YES I love faux calligraphy and ugh girl why so talented?? Give me some of your skills 😂 Ugh I hate ink stains too. Especially when they spread out – the worst thing. You should absolutely do more posts like this! Love always ❤ xoxo

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