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If there’s anything I love more than writing up blog posts and being in the blogosphere overall, it would have to be bragging about my favourite bloggers of all time. To me, support between fellow bloggers is so important, and I’d love to contribute too, even if it was just a little wee bit 🙂

I was tagged to do The Social Media Blog Tag awhile ago by the ever talented Ally @ Girl Illustrated as well as my big sis and bestie Ryry @ OMG Ryry. I haven’t done a tag for a bit, so I’m quite excited to see how this goes! This is a shorter post than usual, but I guess it’s okay sometimes, right? instantly doubts self*

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

*oh, the struggles a blogger shalt face

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+ Thank the blogger who tagged you
+ Choose a blogger or blog to nominate for each category and explain why you chose them
+ Tag other bloggers (as many as you like)

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INSTAGRAM – a blog with a design you love

Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink

There’s just no words to describe Ilsa’s blog and graphic designing skills. I really don’t know how it can be accomplished, but hey, it somehow did. Everything about A Whisper of Ink is #goals, but Ilsa’s blog design always leave my mouth gaping. SO GOOD.

Latest Post // Caraval and Legendary by Stephanie Garber // Are they worth the hype?!


FACEBOOK – a blog with a friendly blogger

Maryam @ Infinitely a Daydreamer

Um, how many more times do I have to say how sweet Maryam is? She’s probably one of the first blogs I followed, and she and her blog has been such a great influence. Maryam is such a sweetheart, and I love her. Honestly one of the nicest gals out there in the blogosphere.

Latest Post // a day trip to surry hills


TWITTER – a blogger who could write 140 characters and you would still love them

Ryry @ OMG Ryry 

Honestly, any post she writes, I would love them. I love her, Ryry’s blog, her blog design, everything… what’s not to love?  Such a sweet, beautiful, incredible human being… there are no words to describe how amazing she is. I know I always talk about Ryry on Free Perspectives, but why not? She’s my big sis, one of my besties on the blogosphere and of course would be irl… if you haven’t checked out her blog, GO RIGHT NOW and drop a follow too! You will not regret it, I promise.

Latest Post // 96 Things You Might Not Know About Me


YOUTUBE – a blog which keeps you entertained

Charis @ Charis Rae  

Oh my word… Charis Rae is definitely one of my favourite blogs of ALL time. Charis has such a fun personality, and you will never feel bored when you read her blog posts. She is SUCH a great writer, and I always love reading about her bookish discussion posts. You – go check out Charis Rae already!

Latest Post // What’s the Most Important Element in Fiction? (A DISCUSSION)


SNAPCHAT – a blogger whose updates you can’t wait for

Olivia @ Purely Olivia 

Probably around a month-ish ago I started reading Olivia’s blog, and I instantly fell in love. Like Charis, she’s an amazing writer, and because of her, I’ve added SO many new book recs to my TBR list. Olivia is such a relatable, fun, sweet gal – what’s not to love?

Latest Post // 6 Hyped Fantasy Books I Really Want To Read // Six of Crows, Warcross, & More


TUMBLR – a blog which is diverse and has a variety

Carly @ Carly Allison 

I stumbled across Carly’s blog about a month ago, and I. Am. In. LOVE. She posts everything – lifestyle, faith, health… you name it. And she nails it all.



PINTEREST – a blog which is full of creativity and inspiration

Rebecca @ Joy Unspeakable

Her blog posts are literally #goals, and she’s such an inspiration to me! I’ve been following and reading Joy Unspeakable since 2 centuries ago, and every time it just gets better. I especially love her bujo posts – again, her calligraphy is absolutely goals.

Latest Post // My NEW Bullet Journal!


n o m i n e e s

YOU! You are all nominated to do this tag. Let’s spread love around the blogosphere, shall we? If you do decide to do this one, be sure to leave a pingback so I can read your posts as well!

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So what am I up to recently?

+ I’m going to visit my family half way across the world in 2 days and I am SO EXCITED

+ It’s been SO hot, but apparently it’s like 38 degrees Celsius where they live (more than 10 degrees hotter than where I live now), so I really don’t know how I’m going to survive

+ I’m officially back on track with my blogging schedule and I’m so happy

It’s nearing the end of July, and I am half freaking out?! How is time passing by SO fast okay HOW. I feel like school is going to start tomorrow *sniffles* but there’s a month left of summer vacation, so um, yay?

let's take flight, shall we

how are you all? are you planning to do this tag? name a few of your favourite bloggers down below! what kind of posts do you want to see more? thoughts about my blogging schedule? talk to me, my fellow potatoes!

forever yours, kimberly

15 thoughts on “The Social Media Blog Tag // Life Updates

  1. Thank you li’l sis! 😊 *turns as red as a 🍅* I discovered a lot of bloggers here! I know, right? It’s literally almost May already. Time’s been passing too fast and I’m actually liking it XD I can’t wait for the sem break tho 😂 Don’t worry about school, I know you’re a great student and you have nothing to worry about. I hope your trip goes well AND hope you had a happy and nice birthday you amazing human being 😉 lots of love xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. KIMBERLY. Thank you so, so much for talking about me & my blog, you don’t know how much that means to me!💓I’m just over here squealing because this has made my entire week and month. You’re so sweet & I’m so happy I discovered your blog, because it’s beyond amazing! 🙂
    This is such a great tag, and I agree that spreading the love and supporting fellow bloggers is amazing! I’ll definitely have to participate in it soon. I hope you have the best time on your trip and a great rest of your month!

    Liked by 1 person

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