7 Ways to Deal With Bookish Dissatisfaction // cures and remedies

Sadly, as a bookworm, we are all prone to bookish disappointments.

Which is really… sad?? This probably happens waaayyyy too often for me – I seem to always set high expectations for every book, scream and squeal when my hold has arrived at the library, and being furious the next day. That’s basically my reading life summed up to a sentence.

Today, I’m sharing 7 positive I think ways that you can deal with these types of emotions!! I feel like this is one of the worst parts of being a bookworm, but I’m trying to make life easier for you.

wow I’m nice for once

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01. Cry out loud

Or if you can’t, cry on the inside like I always do!! There are times when I’m on the verge of exploding from anger and frustration and then the next second I’m tearing up internally. Sometimes I feel like I should be nicer to books, but apparently, that doesn’t work?? So what is the moral of this story? Feel free to cry. But not too much so you don’t lose too much water in your body.

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02. Rant your heart out.

Continuing from the previous, this is also one of my hobbies most talented things: ranting, ranting, and more ranting about a book disappointment. Honestly, sometimes I kind of feel sorry for my mom because I always end up walking around and around the kitchen while she’s cooking, and half yelling about how awful the book is, how bad the ending was…

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03. Reread your favourite chapters from one of your favourite books

Why am I using so many “favourites”?? For me, this one almost ALWAYS works. I’d go back to my room, grab a book, sit there on my bed and spend 5 minutes reading my favourite (here I go again) chapters. Usually, it’s like the final scenes from Wonder // R.J. Palacio, London Confession Scene in Detective Conan*, or the ever heart-warming recovery of brave Beth from Little Woman.

Image result for heart melts gif

Right now I’m just grinning creepily like a Cheshire cat just from remembering the confession scene omg MY HEART IS MELTING. If any of you are a fan of Detective Conan and have read/watched that part omg let’s hug and fangirl.

*right now I’m literally telling my fingers to keep on typing and move on to the next point because if I don’t I’ll write a whole essay on the londonconfessionsceneomgimdying

04. Talk to fellow bookworms

Either on Goodreads or WordPress, you’ll always find a book dragon like me who will undoubtedly understand and be able to relate to EVERY emotion you may experience in your reading journey haha I sound cheesy or like an ad. Anyways, this, unfortunately, doesn’t present itself as an option for me most of the time because 1. most people my age spend most of their time on Instagram or Snapchat in which I have no interest in, and 2. I’ve already given my dear mother an earful when I rant. And since I am a loving, caring daughter, I don’t want to give her another reason to bear with my bookish dissatisfactions (sounds sarcastic but it’s not)

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On that happy note, if you’d ever want an ear to lend, hop right on over here and this potato will be more than happy to listen to your woes and tearful cries.


5. Try to accept it

I just know that I’m lying to myself right now, and bookworms of all ages around the world are storming after me with a pitchfork.

Yes, that’s how serious this is.

Image result for ranting gif

Although, like other things, life is not perfect. People who aren’t book dragons (I mean how could you tho) look at that, they’d say “Kimberly, how in the world are books life?” Well, my dear potato children, books ARE life, and they are what makes LIFE complete!!

So, when you happen to stumble across a disappointment, try not to dwell on it for too long! How you may ask? Go read another book!! We don’t need to spend time on books that aren’t worth our time – move on!


6. Reassure yourself by reading other similar reviews

When we find ourselves in the pit of bookish disappointments, we may often ask ourselves: am I the only one that feels that way? Especially if that particular book is extremely popular and loved by many (me about Six of Crows)*

The thing is, the human brain works many different ways, but there are ones that may be similar to another. If you feel salty about a book, go search up book reviews, scroll em’ down until you find one that matches how you feel. It’s an amazing feeling, truly.

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*I’m so sorry to all the fans and Kaz but I trust that you won’t hunt me down


7. Drink. Thy. TEA.

If you’ve been here for a while now, you’d probably know that tea is essential to life for me. I just cannot SURVIVE without a nice cup of earl grey or homemade milk tea. For others, it may be coffee *coughRyrycough*, but tea is a literally a remedy.

If you find yourself tearing up over a disappointment, then go make a cup of tea. It’s better than just crying on the couch. Tea is anyone’s best friend.

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seems like Kermit agrees

let's take flight, shall we

what are some of your top bookish disappointments? how do YOU cope? what’s your least favourite part of being a bookworm? share you thoughts down below – comment away!

forever yours, kimberly

12 thoughts on “7 Ways to Deal With Bookish Dissatisfaction // cures and remedies

  1. KIMBERLY I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH. It’s so relatable and funny and just YES.😂I feel bad for my mom too because I’ll always just scream about a book and she has no idea what the context of the book is, haha. It’s such a struggle to have no friends who like to read in real life because then I just end up talking to mom or screaming into my pillow!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahahahahaha omg kim you know me too well 😂 I’ll try drinking tea, maybe (just maybe) I’ll like it better 😅 I’m SO glad you wrote this post! I finally found something very relatable about my bookish disappointment. 😭 Usually, I rant so much to my sis, but she’s barely even home!!! So I usually just get so furious and write it all down and rip the paper and throw it away because!!!! UGH I’m so glad I can rant about books with you. When that happens to me again, I’m gonna go back to his post and be happy again. *hugs* 😘 xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • oh hon, I think we both know that coffee will still be your thing and tea will me mine 😂 jk jk I know right?? bookish disappointments are absolutely the worst. I’ll HAVE to try that out next time (not that I’m hoping for another dissatisfaction tho) thanks as always 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      • we never know 😂 I agree! You kinda feel like you just wasted your time reading a book and that’s so annoying. You’re welcome Eleanor XD

        oh look at what i just called u XD

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This post was so relatable and funny! 😂 I also set my expectations waaaay too high so I’m often disappointed. You would think by now I’d know better. If I ever read a book I don’t like, especially if it was a hyped one, the first thing I do is filter all the goodreads reviews to the amount of stars I gave the book. That way I feel better knowing I’m not the only Debbie downer. Also I can’t have opinions without validation haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • oh dear 😂 ugh how did I not know about that function on Goodreads HOW?? thank you SO much for telling me this omg you have no idea how grateful I am 😂 seriously thanks!! if you ever need a place to rant about your bookish disappointments, you’re always welcome here xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello there~! I’m new here. Just stumbled on your blog via someone’s Social Media Tag 🙂

    I definitely agree that reading a review that has the same or similar rating to yours is such great catharsis. It’s like you’re all sitting around drinking tea while talking trash about a crap book haha 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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