10 Reasons Why You Deserve Love Just The Way You Are

For many of us, allowing ourselves to embrace the fact that we deserve love is a constant struggle.

It may be in a more romantic way, but it may also be with friendships and family relationships. Or, it may be more in a way where you find it hard to love yourself. There are many things that we may find hard in life, and sometimes we might need a little encouragement and inspiration to let us know that we aren’t alone.

Today, I’ll be sharing 10 reasons why we all deserve love just the way we are. Personally, I have struggled with self-love and accepting who I am for my whole life – I am even still to this day. With this post, I hope that I can be that smol bit of encouragement and motivation that someone needs out there 🙂

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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1. You are beautiful, inside and out.

There’s often a misconception about beauty, and in our world with social media ever on the rise, we may often find ourselves doubting if we are, in fact, beautiful. The truth is, there is no such definition as to what is beautiful, and it also doesn’t just restrict to our looks. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way, and what makes a person that way inside too is when they have a heart and soul filled with hope.


2. You are hopeful

Continuing with where I left off above, even when a person is struggling with whatever they are facing, there is still room for hope. There will be times when all seems lost and you just want to give up, but no matter what, nothing lasts forever, and you WILL pull through. Holding on to hope, even if it’s just a little bit, will allow your heart to open to love from others, therefore helping you get through a hardship.


3. You are unique

There is no one else in the world like you, and there never will be. Even clones aren’t completely the same. What’s the point to being someone else when you are already more than enough? I know that it is way easier said than done, but know that our own uniqueness are what makes our world itself. Celebrate our differences!


4. You are constantly learning

If there’s one thing I’m 100% sure about education, is that we will never stop learning. It doesn’t have to just be the academic subjects – it could be learning from life experiences, a new hobby, or even something as simple as learning more about yourself.


5. You are perfectly imperfect

What makes us all unique are our imperfections. Most of the time we may feel like they are the negative sides of us. It is completely normal think that way, but when you look on the other side of things, it’s actually what makes us who we are. People who truly love you will accept you flaws, embrace them, and see past your insecurities. Love shouldn’t be forced – it should be natural, including every part of you.


6. You are kind

Whoever reading this right now is kind. I’m not saying it just for the sake of it; I truly do believe so! Anyone who decides to read this post must have a compassionate heart, or else why would people read this in the first place? The world can be cruel sometimes, but I think that there are more good people than bad ones. The fact that you have that a good-hearted nature makes you a person we need more of in this world.


7. You are open minded

When one tries to allow themselves to wander aimlessly into this seemingly endless void called love… you’ll find yourself reaching the end easier. Love is difficult, but when you open your heart, that means that you are willing to accept mistakes, misfortunes, and struggles along the way.


8. You are learning to/can accept your weaknesses and mistakes

Life is, ironically, a lifelong journey to finding our purpose, and ourselves. As humans, one thing everyone has in common is that we make mistakes. All the time. We are not perfect, and will never be. It’s just something that is way out of reach, and basically unreasonable.


9. You are loved

I know that this may be irrelevant, but I’d just like to still say that you’re loved. There will always be someone who loves you, even if you may find it hard to know it. You will have times in your life when all seems lost and alone, but know that there are people who care deeply for you.


10. You are worthy of love

Everyone is worthy of love – to be able to experience that warm feeling in your chest, or that comforting hug and quality time together.

So don’t change. If a person truly loves you, then they love every single part of you, not just specific parts. Not everyone will get along, like, or love you, and that’s okay, because you don’t need that kind of people in your life.

You deserve to be truly loved, for these 10 reasons and an infinite more.

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So… um hello??? Haha I really don’t know how to do this 😂 Anyways, I’d really like to thank you for bearing with me through this whole WordPress situation that I’ve been facing. I’m not sure if it’s been fixed or not, but I’m trying to get back into the blogosphere, most importantly. I’m back, y’all 😂

It’s going to take a few days at least, but I’ll try my best to catch up with all of your posts, respond to your comments, and get back into my old blogging schedule. Thank you all again ❤

let's take flight, shall we

how do you feel about love? do you also struggle with accepting/acknowledging you deserve love, or more simply said, deserving self love? thoughts? let’s talk in the comments! Take care of yourselves lovelies xxforever yours, kimberly

11 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Deserve Love Just The Way You Are

  1. THIS IS AMAZING OMG!!!!!!!!! Hey btw! I know I keep coming back then mysteriously disappearing again but I’m currently back in action, so HEYYYY! xx

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  2. OH MY GOSH I MISSED THIS KIMBERLY ❤❤❤ It was a long time since I’ve been here and UGH your words of inspiration are what my heart seeks for ❤ Can’t thank you enough for writing this. You deserve so much love 😊💘💘 XO

    Liked by 1 person

    • ahhh I missed talking with you and YOU!!!! thank you so so much *hugs* you have no idea how much this means to me – school starts again like tomorrow, and I’m like dying of stress, but this just made my last day of summer amazing and better in so many ways ✨ love ya xx

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      • me too!! *hugs* aww that’s so sweet 😊 good luck girl i know you can handle school like a boss 😂 love ya too ❤


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