I’M JUST AIMLESSLY WANDERING // several writing snippets PT. 2

Hey y’all! Welcome back to another totally unplanned part 2 of an apparent series “Several Writing Snippets” 😂 By now, you’d probably know already about my love for writing poetry and short stories. Like I said in my “About” page, it’s probably quite obvious by now that I am in fact an introvert assigned at birth. I’m always looking for ways to express myself instead of verbally/talking, and writing compositions seem to do the trick. Today, I’ll be sharing some of the recent poetry that I wrote – hope you will enjoy it 🙂

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

separator second new

POEM << shielding with glasses >>

times in life when it presents

me struggles that 

I don’t want to face 


Do you ever wonder if 

there can be a magic spell

that can take 

away all of the things you’d rather 

not trouble?


Well I do, but I know

that there isn’t a 

potion out there that 

I can use so


Just temporarily I take 

of my glasses 

When I can’t see clear,

maybe that means that 

I can’t see my problems

anymore too


POEM << aimlessly wandering >>

trying to find a path

got lots to choose from but

I can’t settle to any of them

no signs will help

no maps will guide

not even a person to ask

have you tried to find your way

out of a maze where you can

see the exit but can 

never reach?

Don’t mind me as I’m

aimlessly wandering once again


POEM << leave me be >>

why do I always feel like

I’m a shadow when I’m 

with you?

why do you constantly tell me 

how invisible I am, how hopeless I am,

how useless I am?

why do you enjoy shaming me, ridiculing me,

laughing at me, and

tormenting me?

I refuse to be tied down by your shackles 

I refuse to let you slowly kill me

So stop it, leave me alone

I don’t need you in my life

You’ve been with me ever since

I took my first breath

But I know it’s been long 

overdue to 

let you go


POEM << collapse >>

I’m underwater, and you

pull me up but I

still can’t breathe

let's take flight, shall we

do you also enjoy writing poems? should I do a PT. 3? which one did you enjoy the most? what kind of posts do you want to see more often? maybe a penny for your thoughts? comment away lovelies 🙂

forever yours, kimberly

12 thoughts on “I’M JUST AIMLESSLY WANDERING // several writing snippets PT. 2

  1. TBH, I can’t choose a favorite because I love them all! 😍 OH MY GOSH YES PLEASE DO A PART 3 I’M EXCITED 😍 Your writing is soooo beautiful! Is there more beautiful than beautiful, i think that should be the right adjective xoxo ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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