Farewell September // somehow surviving school (barely), lots of stress, and parenting struggles + survey results

I’m still really confused as to how I survived the first month back to school.

This past month has been crazy, and I don’t even know where to begin. With school starting once again, my schedule has been gone all over the place, and slowly I realized that I don’t have much time to blog anymore. Nonetheless, there were still some pretty nice anecdotes in September, and I can’t wait to review the past month with you guys!

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

blogging moments

+ More bookish content

The blogosphere has taken the key and unlocked the door for me to which I discovered my true love for reading. I guess I didn’t realize it until a few months ago when it that piece clicked. So for now on, alongside with mental health/lifestyle, I’ll also be posting all things bookish!! I’m quite excited as to where this will take me, but I’d like to try out doing doing an equal amount of each. I’m actually doing a discussion post soon, so on that note: AHHHHH.

*this literally sounds like a classic love story where one person loves another who doesn’t realize it until much later on. UNREQUITED LOVE, CHILDREN. Let’s talk Shakespeare.


+ PicMonkey being extremely irritable

By irritable, I mean absolutely horrifying. For the past few months, I’ve been able to use PicMonkey without signing up for an account, because the only option was for me to pay if I did. I could upload my own fonts then, so it was all good. Now though, I HAVE to sign up for an account, and there is a free version, so you can choose if you want to have the premium plan or not. BUT!! It is SO laggy, like I can’t even… though that’s not the worst part! I can’t upload my own fonts if I’m using the free plan, so that means I have to completely revise my whole blog design.

Image result for home alone scream gif

+ New blog design

Hence the PicMonkey issue: since I can’t use my old font anymore *fumes*, I had to do a completely new blog design. I didn’t plan to use it this quick – originally, I wanted to change this on January 1, 2019 as a “new year” kind of fresh start. You probably all know by now that I adore sakura (cherry blossoms), so why not incorporate it into my design? I’m quite happy with this, and I feel like it really represents who I am as a person.


+Gutenberg (??)

When I checked WP Admin a few days ago, and there was this notification about a new format thingy? I read the article but I’m still slightly confused about it. I guess it’s like a WordPress update of some sort? Anyways, it looks really clean and easy to navigate, but I’ll need to learn more about this soon. If you’re interested, find out more here.


+ survey results

Ahhhh this was SO much fun! Each time I get notified of a new response I silently scream. It means more than you know to see that my polls/surveys have feedback – thank you to all the participated! A few posts ago, I first opened up that poll asking you guys to choose which book you’d like me to review next, and that I’d announce the result on my September wrap-up. Without further ado…

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 11.03.57 AM

So that’s Girl Made of Stars by Ashely Herring Blake! I am so so excited to review this one – it’ll be up soon 🙂 Again, thank you to all that participated – if you didn’t this time, no worries! There will be many that I will be hosting in the near future.


<< posts this month >>

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 3.32.01 PM   Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 5.20.11 PMScreen Shot 2018-09-12 at 2.37.24 PM .  Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.11.57 PMScreen Shot 2018-09-26 at 1.47.04 PM


<< top post >>

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.11.57 PM


<< around the blogosphere >>

  • Ryry @ OMG Ryry writes some goodbye messages TATBI(she)LB and my heart I can’t. Her writing is just so beautiful – just take a piece of my heart honestly.
  • Maryam @ Infinitely a Daydreamer shares her September bujo spread which is SO AESTHETIC aldskfjkds
  • Olivia @ Purely Olivia is back from her haitus and I am screaming!!!!!
  • Dezzy @ A Thoughtful Voice shares her honest opinions on TATBILB, and it has definitely given me a whole new perspective 🙂
  • Bay @ Bayance teaches us how to make delicious homemade pizza and I wonder if I can reach into the laptop screen, grab the pizza and eat it
  • May @ Forever and Everly co-hosts a readathon which is one of the best things I have heard this entire month
  • Lorelie @ Everyday Musings got 2 lambs and I am SO happy for her!! pst… they are absolutely adorable *heart eyes*


Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 6.49.57 PM

+ new sofa

It is SO comfy, and there is an extension so I can lie down on it while watching TV. Now that it’s cold, I have a few blankets on the sofa so I can wrap myself up like a human burrito. AND DRINK TEA AT THE SAME TIME. It’s amazing, it truly is.

Image result for this is life gif
me @ my new love aka sofa



I don’t think that there’s a lot that I can say about it is that I am slowly dying. I shall go and disappear in a hole now, and when the stress goes away I’ll come back out.


+ was less than 20cm less from running out of thread from bobbin

If you do textiles/sewing and use a sewing machine, then you’d probably know that it’s one of our worst nightmares to sew and then eventually find out that the thread had ran out in the middle. Then I start to wonder why didn’t I wind more thread into my bobbin earlier.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve experienced that several times by now, and trust me: it’s a horrible feeling.


+ went through the early parenting phase

I introduced my son, Walilae, to you guys on my August wrap-up post. He’s like, this precious little betta fish, and gosh I love him so so much. Anyways, according to my mom, when a parent first brings home their newborn, they’d always worry if they are sick. Example: if they don’t sleep, they want them to fall asleep, but when they are actually asleep, they would worry if their child died. Yep, parenting phases.

So, I had to experience that “early parenting phase” as I like to call it. For the first 2 weeks or so, I was constantly checking the tank, and when he has a slight colour change I’d go into a frenzy. But, he’s really healthy and happy now, and I couldn’t be more elated 🙂


playlist ft. meh ears

  • Ahead by a Century // The Tragically Hip
  • シンクロニシティ // 乃木坂46 (Nogizaka46)
  • No Tears Left to Cry // Ariana Grande
  • I Can’t Let You Be Alone // MayDay
  • 君への嘘 (Kimi e no Uso) // Valshe
  • I Want it That Way // Backstreet Boys
  • Have It All // Jason Mraz
  • Take Me Home, Country Roads // John Denver
  • 渡月橋 〜君 想ふ〜 (Togetsukyo ~ thinking of you~ //倉木麻衣 (Mai Kuraki)


bookish moments

+ had a fabulous bookish discussion w/ friends

I think it was last Thursday or something, my some of my best friends and I stayed after school to do more textiles. While we sewed, we started talking about books, which eventually led to a debate of whether Carry On is a rip-off of Harry Potter as well as positive and realistic mental health/illness and lgbtq+ rep in YA and children’s books.

Okay this is what you get when you have friends who also thinks that there should be more bookstores and love all things bookish as much as you do 😍


+ changed my 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge Goal

After a long debate with myself, I finally decided to change my 2018 GRC goal. I originally set a 100 book goal, but then I slowly started to realize that it is not realistic or achievable for me. Because of *cough* LIFE, I have to prioritize and manage my time to fit around my schedule. Also, I was getting to the point of NOT wanting to check Goodreads because looking at the stats and how many books I’m behind just gave me additional stress* and anxiety. Eventually (with a little calculation help from dad) I decided to settle in for reading 60 books by the end of this year. It has taken this “rock” off my chest, and now I can truly enjoy reading once again 🙂

*in which I have way more than enough thank you very much


<< what i read this past month >>

Okay dudes. I’m not sure how I did it, but I somehow read 7 books this past month. Like how did I do it?? Is it even physically possible *ponders about the philosophy of life*

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 3.47.38 PM

Wild Beauty // Anna-Marie McLemore ★★★★☆ (3.5)

  • writing is a bit confusing
  • yet gorgeous cover
  • amazing family relationship
  • lgbtq+ rep!!
  • Fel is now my precious child

The Sun And Her Flowers // Rupi Kaur ★★★★☆ 

  • beautiful writing
  • didn’t feel comfortable to read some poems yet but that’s just of personal reasons
  • amazing illustrations
  • will definitely re-read when I am ready 🙂

Perfected // Kate Jarvik Birch ★★★☆☆ (2.5)

  • just unsettling cheesiness
  • not realistic at all
  • Ella basically begging to be held captive like just PLEASE stand up for yourself
  • gets whisked away by her dream dude: expected (and I hate Penn)
  • dress design on the cover is horrible *the textiles student side of me magically appears*

Image result for fairy godmother gif

Carve the Mark // Veronica Roth ★★★★☆ (3.5)

  • whole thing was expected – no surprise elements
  • was hoping for a platonic relationship, but nope it turned into a romantic one instead (why does every book turn into that way)
  • writing is sophisticated, much like typical Roth style
  • decent silent reading book to read (yes we still have silent reading smh)

Isla and the Happily Ever After // Stephanie Perkins ★★★★☆ (3.5)

  • realistic relationship – not some insta-love (sigh of relief)
  • Isla to me was kinda self-centred, but later her real self was revealed
  • surprise plot twist near end

What You Left Me // Bridget Morrissey ★★★☆☆

  • extremely confusing
  • liked the topic, but the pacing was off
  • strong characters

The Astonishing Color of After // Emily X.R. Pan ★★★★☆

  • Asian Rep, more specifically Taiwanese Rep (!!)
  • a bit slow
  • overall pretty realistic depression in context
  • confuses the vast difference between China and Taiwan, in which I am slightly frustrated about – just to clarify: Taiwan is an independent country!! #represent
  • beautiful debut about the process of healing and understanding


Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.50.12 PM


  • publish 4+ posts ✓
  • remember to shorten urls ✓
  • respond to comments (I am failing miserably) (again) ✓
  • STAY in the blogosphere and don’t hop out again (again) ✓

In review, it was a decent month for blogging in September!! I changed my posting schedule – it’s now once a week every Thursday 🙂


  • keep up with gymnastics ✓
  • practice contemporary at home ✓
  • over middle splits 
  • drink at least 1 and 1/2 cup water daily ✗
  • keep up with school ✓
  • don’t die from stress ✓✗
  • keep using your bullet journal but not overuse it ✓✗

I mean, the over middle splits isn’t a lot (like it’s literally almost 5cm only), but it still counts? You know in school, or basically everyone tells you to drink at least 8+ cups of water daily? I’m not even drinking 2 cups most days for my whole life, so get this: WHY AM I NOT DEAD YET. Seriously, why am I still alive, siting here and blogging about it?

Haha stress I didn’t die but was dying slowly a little bit. But not 100% dead! *cheers*


  • read 4+ books ✓
  • check Goodreads ✓
  • post 1+ book review on blog ✗

Ahhhh 7 books I am SO happy about it!! I seriously should post a book review soon…


Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.52.13 PM.png


  • keep up with new blogging schedule
  • shorten urls
  • format images better
  • finalize new blog design


  • practice over-split needle
  • improvise on jumps/leaps
  • try not to die from stress
  • keep up with school
  • try to be happier and laugh more


  • post GMOS review
  • post excerpt of GMOS review on Goodreads
  • read 4+ books
  • draft up a bookish related post (or even post it)


Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.53.35 PM.png

+ thanksgiving

There’s a lot to be thankful for. With Thanksgiving coming up, I hope that it will be a reminder for me to try to think more positively, be grateful, and surround myself with the people I love most.

+ midterms

School just literally started a month ago and NOW WE’RE TALKING MIDTERMS. I’m just hoping that there won’t be a midterm test yet, but I’m not sure?? AHHHH.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 3.32.20 PM

how was your September? thoughts on my new blog design? do you also have a slight obsession with pie charts like me? what books did you read this past month? any fun anecdotes? how’s your first month back to school? do you do textiles/sewing? comment away lovelies!

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 5.00.09 PM.png

23 thoughts on “Farewell September // somehow surviving school (barely), lots of stress, and parenting struggles + survey results

  1. Loving your new blog design!! WAIT what. You read seven books in one month?!!?? That’s insane. I barely manage to read 2 books in a month 😂 teach me your ways!! Thank you for including me in this post! This was such a fun read xxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this post! The books sounds so interesting! Have you heard of canva? it’s very similar to picmonkey, but totally free. I’ve never had any issues with it. Never heard of this new format thing, I’ll have to give it a read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you Maria x hope you’ll find some good reads! (haha that unintentional pun tho XD) I’ve used canva before actually – it’s pretty good! The only reason I stopped using it for most of my graphic designs is because you can’t upload your own fonts for free *cries* hope your October’s going well! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your new blog design is darling! and you’re a sweetie ahhh xxx


    I have the opposite problem.. I am always overhydrating. I drink roughly 4+ litres per day and it is a definite issue.. like today, I definitely overdid it. I drank 6 cups of water in a minute. I’m honestly like a bottomless pit with water.. eek.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww thank you so much for mentioning my TATBILB review, Kimberly! 💕 I’m glad it gave you a new perspective, haha. I’m loving your new blog design btw; it’s so pink and pretty 😍 That’s amazing that you read 7 books in September; I read the same amount too! 😂💞 And omg I can’t wait to see your review for Girls Made of Stars; it’s such an important and beautiful book. Wonderful post as always! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m so excited for all bookish content! You know me, always obsessed with books. 😉 I love how blogging has led you to discover your love for reading, too. Also, I love your new blog design, it’s so beautiful!

    THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING ME, I’M THE ONE SCREAMING.🙌🏼You’re the best and afghiteljidfj you’re just the kindest ever, Kimberly.

    New sofas are actually the best? I remember when my family got a new one a couple years ago I was slightly disappointed because I used to love the old one but now I adore the new one. *deep breath* I’m so sorry about all your stress, and I hope it goes away so soon! And it makes me very happy to hear Walilae is doing well. I hope you have a great month!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ahhh books, what are we without them 😂ugh yes you just read my mind. when we first changed it I was like “I miss the old one” but now I’m basically living on it and stretching my middle splits on there 24/7 😂thank you so much Olivia, can I just scream with you? It’s been really stressful recently, but you just made my day so much better ❤ hope you're having an amazing October so far! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Aah thanks for the mention! I’ll send you pizza next time I make it 😂 I love the little book reviews! But how do you read SEVEN books in a month? Like although I read books in two days and could realistically manage 14, I just never find the time and end up procrastinating 😂 I can’t wait for the review on Girl Made Of Stars – I read it in July I believe and it was such a strong book. The pace and character development was on point. 😍 You got a fish?? Post some pictures rnn – unless you did and I missed it…then please add a selfpromo 😂 Love this wrap up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • yesss feel free to send me your homemade pizza whenever 😂 to be honest, like I don’t even know how I read 7 books?? September was super busy, yet I managed to carve out time to read… whereas in summer… 😂 ahhh I know right? GMOS is literally a literary masterpiece ❤ oh yes, my beautiful son 😂 I'll be sure to post some of his photos soon. Hope your October is going well so far! x


  7. i’m not lying: my heart skipped a beat when I saw your new header like GIRL IT’S GORGEOUS 😍😍 I love the new pink touches oh my god 💘 I’m really hyped with that bookish contents!! OH so that’s why you changed your blog design? But i swear girl it’s gorgeous! The new font is SO PRETTY. AAAHHH SAKURA I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE IT!!!! I LOVE that pie chart and yay my vote won!!! (I chose GMOS hehehe) OH MY GOD I AM OBSESSED WITH THAT SAKURA DIVIDER GIRL I CAN’T STOP COMPLIMENTING EVERYTHINGGSHSDNVSYDT6!!!!>[*^ Thanks for the mention li’l sissy ❤ Aaand there’s my tea girl 😂 Your new sofa sounds so comfy! LOL i can totally relate with running out of thread XD Girl i used to experience that a lot and it was ANNOYING XD I miss sewing 💔 I’m glad Wally’s healthy 🙂 (omg the nickname tho XD) You’ve read 7 books?! I only read 2 and I am ASHAMED 😂 Seriously, you don’t even drink 2 cups of water daily? You really need to change that, li’l sis. Drink lots of water. I used to struggle with this matter too but after I tracked my drinking habit in my bullet journal, my life changed. Stay hydrated kimmyyy. Congrats on your achieved goals – your big sis right here is SO proud of you! and good luck with your new ones!! 🙂 Loved this post ❤ xoxo
    p.s. your blog design is too pretty i can’t even abscd jyrduwjf

    Liked by 1 person

    • jslkdjflskdfjaldkfj tysm 😭 to be honest I changed my header like at least 10 times but finally settled with this one. You know I’m obsessed with cherry blossoms, so yes please!! (I’m like trying to find a phone case with sakura on it so sue me) the thread though girl, so glad you could relate. You should start sewing again!! Aww Wally thanks his godmother!! Ugh I know I should drink more water, like how am I not dead yet XD I’m starting to drink more, so at least there’s that, but it is definitely something I should work on. Wait hold up you have a bujo?? *goes into existential crisis* please do show!! bet it’s gorgeous *heart eyes* hope your October is going well so far xo

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can totally relate with that 😆 #DecisivenessProblems omggg i should find one too so we’re phone case twinning 😂 I shoulddd! I really really miss the smell of sewing machines XD Oh nope girl 😆 it’s not even half as pretty as your bujo 😂 I’m planning to make another one – a more DECENT one XD and i might show it!! xxx


  8. I’m so glad to hear your fish parenting is going well! Being responsible for something else’s life (even if it’s just a fish) is pretty stressful, but I’m glad to hear you’re getting used to it. I totally agree that The Astonishing Color of After was pretty slow, but I also still cried. When I started blogging, I used Picmonkey, but then switched over to Canva. I like it quite a lot more, and I find that it’s more user friendly. Of course, use what works for you because this design is cute! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • ahh thank you Madeline!! means a lot ❤ Having a fish child has been life changing – I love him so much. Yes – that was one of my main issues with The Astonishing Color of After too, but it's an amazing book. Even though I use Picmonkey, Canva is a really well done site. Hope your October is going well so far! *cue leaves falling down*

      Liked by 1 person

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