PLAN WITH ME: February Bujo Set-Up // a glance at my yearly spreads

New year, blank slate.

Alas, that also means a new bullet journal! After my first year of bullet journalling and finding the system that works best for me, it’s now time to put that 365 days of “experience” into the next.

Today, I’ll be showing you my February set-up and of course, my yearly ones too. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration if you do bullet journalling as well 😉

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*


For my title page, it’s just a simple cursive header, with a smol calendar at the bottom. Last year I went for a “theme” each month, but I found out eventually that it didn’t really suit me well and just overall, not happy. In fact, it made me feel even more stressed about doing fancy spreads and even led to my “downfall” aka not using my bujo almost at all for the last two months or so.


This year, I’m just going to focus more on the planning/agenda part for my bullet journal – I don’t know about you, but I like these ones WAY more than last year’s. For my 2019 bujo, it’s all going to be simple spreads, and I hope that I won’t have a burnout and just enjoy this experience.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.56.10 PMNext is my calendar! Again, a smol calligraphy “February” on top, and a one-page calendar. Last year I did two pages, but I found out that I really didn’t need that much space. Instead, now I’m doing just a circle on the date of the event, and writing it down below under the “important dates” section.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.56.10 PMAhh, sleep. I working on having a more regular sleeping pattern, so I like to track how it’s going. I tend to wake up in the middle of the night (which… no good), so I write it – or other notes – down on the side with the empty column. Ugh, I want to sleep earlier but *cough* hOmEwOrK loves me too much.

Of course, I have then “brain dump” page on your right. Whether it may be a quote, a random thought, school things not designated for a specific date, I can jot it down here. I didn’t have a lot to write down last month (as it was the first month back to school), so I’m sure this year I’ll fill up quite a bit.


Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.56.10 PMNow for the daily spreads, my friends. It’s again, really easy – just writing down Monday to Friday, then Weekends as well as the date right beside it. Even though it’s not much,  but it really works well for me, especially when noting my assignments and test dates (bleh).


oof what happened with this photo


As promised, I’ll show you guys my yearly spreads at the beginning of my bullet journal. I won’t show all of them for privacy (I’m a mysterious person), but I’ll definitely include some pretty important ones!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Also!! Before I end off this post, if you would like to fill out my survey and submit some Q&A questions for my upcoming blogiversary, here is it! If you could take a minute to fill this out, it would mean so much to me 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 3.32.20 PM

thoughts on this month’s spread? what colour should I do next month? should I do more bullet journal related posts? did you fill out the survey? sending love <33

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 3.47.44 PM

3 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME: February Bujo Set-Up // a glance at my yearly spreads

  1. These are just too pretty 😍 i LOVE the minimal layout, especially that title page with the small calendar UGH TOO PRETTY 💖 i suggest you do peach or bittersweet next month? those are some of my faves! love always xo


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