Inspirational cute thingies here, posted weekly! This lamb face saved my life by 20% (seriously), so I hope she will make yours a bit better! Special thanks to Chibird and Jacqueline: you make my day better and you are the stem of Chear!

~ Kimberly


Sleep is crucial. Try not to procrastinate; it’ll save you time to rest XD


You will find your way, and you’re not alone.



Fears ain’t bad, hon. It actually makes you a better person when you acknowledge them. Remember: ain’t bad, never bad.

(Yay me, thank you Painter! You make Kimoji soooooo much better)



Take it from Kim: it’s true. It’ll help you. ☺


P.S: Due to afraid of copyright rights, I changed my series name to “Chear”. Thanks!



Who knew 9+10 will turn into an inspiration?

Making mistakes shows you what is not. As you can clearly see…