Suffering Silently

“I didn’t ask for this”

“It’s not like I want to feel this way”

“It’s not a matter of ‘toughen up and get over it'”

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Mental Health Mondays Ep. 9 | How to survive a panic attack

Panic Attacks.

Are like one of the worst things ever for mankind to experience. Literally. Well, no, in reality, it is not, and panic attacks are just temporary, and another way your body is telling you to stop working so hard and take a flipping break. So in a way, it has some positivity in it. Now I’m getting of topic?!

Today, I’ll be sharing how to survive a panic attack, or tips on how. I know many people experience anxiety and panic attacks daily, and I also know that I have done a post like this before, but I feel like this is perfect for Mental Health Mondays, and I’d like to revise. Hopefully this will help at least someone out there, and spread the word about the importance of mental health/illness education.

Let’s get on with the post…

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Anxious in Class | How to Cope

This is probably one thing everyone can relate to. Whether if you are in class, meeting, exam room, work (assuming)… there must have been some time where you feel so overwhelmed but you can’t remove yourself from the environment. Sometimes, I feel like when I am unable to leave the room or whatever, it increases stress level. Perhaps its just me, but oh well

Image result for winnie the pooh yell gif

I mean yes. WHAT? If you’ve been reading along and such on my blog for the past week or so, YES.


and don’t look at me like that, because we are starting the post now, as Winnie the Pooh cannot relieve anxiety. Or does it?!

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Just Wednesday

If you read my previous post, you’d probably know that I was really sad and distressed over being disappointed and mad with myself. I’m fairly glad to say that I’m better, as of today. I guess my inspiration for myself is coming back. Can you #relate to me when I say that I blame myself for things that’s not even my fault? I used to do that ALL the time, which lead to so much excessive worrying sessions and not being to be able to enjoy life. Let alone love myself for who I am. I am also fairly glad to say that I’m also better; only say sorry when I have to. Honestly, I feel like people who say sorry all the time (and actually mean it) are more self-conscious and anxious.

Sometimes we just have to bring ourselves back to the present and reality. It’s just that today, I finally realized that…

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Stretching Routine | Changes in Life

You may or may not know it (I mean if I mentioned this in one of my posts), I do bouldering, and now… self taught gymnastics/yoga! Take note, I’ve been doing it everyday for the past… I dunno, 2 and a half months or so, but I am nowhere near Alivia D’Andrea. See her amazingly amazing *sigh* IG? 

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Stepping into the weekend like..

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Yup, and I am just stepping out of the weekend… *nod*

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Mental Health Mondays | Ep. 7 | Good Days

Right now I’m the bunny! Your definition of a good day will change with the day too, depending on your environment, priorities, and self! 1st Patreon goal hit!!! ;u; 💕I’m so thankful to everyone, those who can support me with pledges and those who...

Currently I’m a bit of all of them, tbh. With school and such, weekends are an escape, but also a time where I silently freak out about life and homework and everything oh my goodness.

Perhaps I should realize that my ‘good days’ don’t necessarily involve ‘no anxiety’. Well YES, a day with no anxiety would be like

Image result for agt gif


*girl power*

But life is tough ya know, and if it wasn’t, then what is the point? Not going to school for 2 months might seem great, but when you really try it, it’s not fun.

So my dears, we are all on our own paths, so let’s take life by our own pace. 

yours truly, (3)




10 Studying Tips to Help Keep You on Track

I have this love/hate relationship with studying. I know that if I study my French, then I will have a greater chance of getting a better mark. But on the other hand, I struggle (I mean it) since my first day with this language, and I totally see myself still not being able to conjugate verbs confidently 20 years from now.

Sh*t, I know that. Though instincts come and

Image result for winnie the pooh gif

I’m back to my own reality-expectations. Here are some tips I find helpful when studying. Though DISCLAIMER: results not guaranteed! Scratch that, and the negativity, and let’s dive in, shall we?

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My First | Forlorn yet Proud

This is kinda coming out of nowhere, but stay, and you will receive a free virtual hug. And milk tea. 😉

Today was like my first oral presentation, and GOSH was I stressed. And also do NOT forget about another coming up, like on Friday! Yay! (#sarcasm) So. I was so anxious and like my goodness, will I be able to pull it off. Because

1. Not in the mood to humiliate myself 

When I get nervous, because public speaking is just so not my thing, I tend to rush my words, say it too quietly, and my tongue gets into a knot, and I’m screwed. Do you get it when I say some people just say it so confidently, smoothly, and just amazing overall? I am so not that type. Public speaking and oral presentations are like this big hurdle for me, and since this is my first time, I am just sooooooo tired.

It’s like my battery has already run out, even though I still have homework, reading, studying, doing front walkovers… and it’s like not even 5:00.

This rant is getting awkward, so let’s move on. oops.

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